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Life without boom gates: St Albans

21 Feb 2017



Life without boom gates: St Albans

[Vision: Boom gates closing and train passing]

Sebastian - St Albans Business Group Association Inc.

Five years ago, up until the crossing, it was grade separated, it literally divided the suburb into two.

[Vision: Time lapse of pedestrians and traffic]

People just – take you 30 to 40 minutes to get across, people avoided it.

[Vision: Cyclist and traffic no congestion]

Now, you know, it’s a transformation.

Lady 1

Traffic around here is so much better.

[Vision: Traffic with no congestion at lights]

I can just pass with the lights and trains, having to wait 20 minutes, half an hour sometimes.

Christina - Western Hospital Volunteer

Very scary, because people tried to rush the trains to see if they can get through and it was scary.

[Vision: Pedestrians at railway crossing]

[Sebastian speaking - Traffic lights and traffic]

I used to avoid crossing the railway line. The other night in peak hour I did the right turn which used to take me 30 minutes in one minute.

[Vision: Aerial view of St Albans new bridge over rail]

It was amazing.


[Vision: Children crossing sign and traffic]

It’s much easier for a person to drive now, and less traffic also.

[Christina speaking - time lapse of train entering station - Ginifer Station]

I’ve taken the train a few times since they’ve brought in the new Ginifer Station and it’s been fantastic.

[Vision: Lift to Platform 1 sign]

Lady 2

As I walk with a walking stick and it’s certainly made things a lot easier.

[Vision: Train - Sunshine Hospital]

As soon as you get off the train you can just walk straight up to the hospital.

[Vision: Time lapse of traffic flow]

Three men

Yeah, the traffic is running more smoothly, you know. And it looks nice. It looks better. This upgrade is better. I think St Albans looks better. Yeah. Yeah.

[Vision: St Albans 2 sign]

For the community it makes it safer.

[Christina speaking - Traffic]

It’s important that we have more access to get in and out of the area very quickly for the patients and the visitors, so that’s very important.

[Three Men talking]

Love St Albans. I love St Albans.

[Sebastian speaking]

It’s an exciting time to live in the area.

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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