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Level Crossing Removal Project – Furlong Main Blackburn Heatherdale

09 Sep 2015


Level Crossing Removal Project - Furlong Main Blackburn Heatherdale

[Title:  LEVEL CROSSING REMOVAL PROJECT - Second package of works]

Artist’s impression visions:

  1. Train passing through level crossing
  2. Map showing location of 50 level crossing removal over 8 years
  3. 20 level crossing removals over the next 4 years
  4. St Albans Station sign
  5. Railway crossing - improving safety
  6. Reducing congestion - boom gate
  7. Map of first 17 sites identified
  8. Second package of works 4 level crossing removals - showing locations
  9. Heatherdale Road, Mitcham existing conditions
  10. Level crossing removed
  11. Rail lowered under road
  12. Blackburn Road, Blackburn existing conditions
  13. Level crossing removed; rail lowered under road
  14. View of bus, train, cars and carpark
  15. Main and Furlong Roads, St Albans showing St Albans Station and Ginifer Station locations
  16. Rail lowered under road
  17. Furlong Road, St Albans existing conditions
  18. Level crossing removed - rebuilding station at Furlong Road
  19. Station platform with train pulling in
  20. Overhead view of Main Road, St Albans - Joint Federal and State funded existing conditions
  21. Level crossing removed - New Station
  22. Relocated bus interchange - new pedestrian overpass
  23. St Albans community hub
  24. Station platform - trains
  25. Map showing locations


[Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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