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Level Crossing Removal Project – Caulfield to Dandenong announcement

09 Feb 2016



Level Crossing Removal project – Caulfield to Dandenong announcement video

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project]

[Vision: Level Crossing Removal Project: Caulfield to Dandenong]

Daniel Andrews – Premier of Victoria

Well look, as you can see this is a fantastic project, one that will change so much for the better the south eastern suburbs of our city.

[Vision: Map showing level crossing locations]

We’re committed to remove all nine level crossings, to make them history.

[Vision: Map showing elevated sections of rail]

This project does that.

[Vision: Traffic congestion at level crossing – artist’s impression of overhead rail]

Space that is lost to a rusty and dirty rail corridor now, will be turned into more car parking, 11 MCGs’ worth of parks and gardens, walking tracks, bicycle tracks.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of open space – aerial view of Melbourne showing rail corridor]

[Daniel Andrews speaking]

We’re going to have a beautiful open space that will connect communities and give people space that they’ve never been able to enjoy before.

Hon. Jacinta Allan – Minister for Public Transport

[Vision: Artist’s impression of station – train at level crossing and traffic]

Based on the advice from the expert engineers and through the tender process and the community feedback, this is the best way to get rid of these nine dangerous, congested level crossings between Dandenong and the city.

[Vision: Traffic – people at meeting discussing ideas]

Over the course of 215 there were hundreds of hours of community meetings. And there was over 1500 pieces of community feedback during that time.

[Jacinta Allan speaking]

Whilst construction is underway, for most of the time the roads will continue to flow and the trains can continue to run.

[Vision: Plan of trains continuing to run and overhead rail line where crossing used to be]

Kevin Devlin – CEO, Level Crossing Removal Authority

There’s going to be less noise, less vibration for them than they currently experience now.

[Vision: People talking and discussing ideas – Artist’s impression of open space, and Noble Park Station, and Clayton Station platform]

And, as I said, with talking to them about fencing and landscaping and things like that, we’re really confident that all the benefits that we’re going to be doing here with public open space and the community facilities that we can put in place, will really activate these local neighbourhoods and connect neighbours and neighbourhoods in a way that Melbourne hasn’t seen for a long time.

[Daniel Andrews speaking]

Each of these level crossing sites is a unique challenge.

[Vision: Signage for how it will happen, congested traffic at level crossing]

And, the extensive consultation that the Level Crossing Removal Authority has gone through at each of those sites, has found a whole range of issues, a whole range of problems with using rail or road under.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of station and surrounding area]

This is a modern solution for a modern city. Vancouver’s doing this, Sydney’s doing this, this is the best engineering treatment, the best engineering solution for a complex corridor, and one that’s going to make it so much better for the future.

[Level Crossing Removal Project – Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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