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Jobs hub for Mernda Rail Extension project

30 May 2017



Jobs hub for Mernda Rail Extension project

[Vision: Jobs Hub entrance - Mernda Rail Jobs Hub sign- Construction machinery - workman]

The Jobs Hub is an exciting new initiative that Mernda Rail is bringing to the community.

Luke - Electrical Apprentice

Yeah. It's been amazing everyone's really helpful. I'm really attracted to the variety of work.

[Vision: Luke working - Luke speaking]

There's so many different fields that I am involved in at the moment and I can figure out which one I like the best and maybe pursue that.

[Vision: Workmen and construction site]

It's a great place to work in. There's plenty of opportunity fornew starters to join the construction industry and grow over the life cycle ofprojects in the coming years.

Rachel- Trainee Business (Accounts)

I think I'm working with a really good group of people.

[Vision: Rachel working in office]

They're all really nice and they're really welcoming and they've helped me heaps.

[Vision: Jobs Hub sign - Jobs Centre - construction site]

I'd encourage the local community to come and visit out jobs centre here or even apply online if looking for local work in the construction industry.

Visit our website for more information.

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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