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International Women in Engineering Day 2020

30 Jun 2020



International Women in Engineering Day 2020

Vision. Split screen showing six women engineers.

Text. Women in Engineering Day 2020. Level Crossing Removal Project. Miko, Site Engineer (Structures).

Miko. I didn’t actually know if I wanted to be an engineer. I struggled with the idea for quite a while. My parents, they encouraged me to get my engineering degree and I one hundred percent don’t regret at all doing it, like, I’m really grateful.

Vision. Miko overseeing various views of construction site and talking to construction workers, checking plans.

Miko. I work on site. The best part of my job I’d have to say is not being inside. I really enjoy the fact that I don’t have to sit at a computer for nine or ten hours a day.

Text. Shape the world. Sophia, Project Engineer.

Sophia. I used to ride the train and I’d look out the window and I’d see the start of the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project, and when I saw it advertised, the grad role, that was like the only job I told my family about. I was like, “oh my God, could you imagine how cool it would be to work on this project.” I applied and then I luckily found myself getting the role, and then it was almost like being on the other side of the curtain. I was seeing these projects from afar and then all of a sudden I got to work on them.

Vision. Various views of the Caulfield to Dandenong level crossing removal project construction showing cranes, beams. Time lapse views of construction sites both day and night showing level crossings being removed. Views from train on finished elevated rail line.

Text. Engineering equals opportunity. Hazel, Engineering Coordinator.

Hazel. I enjoy working in the complex Level Crossing Removal Projects. Our projects are so big and complex that it really relies on a lot of people working really hard from a number of different backgrounds, and it’s just been great to work with the different people and learn from their experiences.

Vision. Time lapse views of Hughesdale Station construction, Mernda Station construction, Skye/Overton Road Frankston construction, Karrum Karrum Bridge construction.

Text. Jenny, Project Manager.

Jenny. I had a female senior engineer say to me once that resonated quite largely in my life and also my career as well, “If you can’t see it you can’t be it.”

Text. If you can’t see it you can’t be it. Janice, Project Development Manager.

Janice. My father asked me a six word question, “What do you have to lose?”

Text. What do you have to lose?

Hazel. For other women who are interested in engineering I would say go for it.

Text. Go for it.

Sophia. Don’t let any of your self-doubts get in your way. If you think you can then you’ve just got to give it a shot.

Text. You’ve just got to give it a shot.

Jenny. For women to no longer be a minority, you have to able to champion yourself and market yourself in order to make the change. The industry, although it’s still heavily male dominated, is recognising women for their voice and for their, you know, mindset, and their intelligence.

Text. You have to champion yourself. Recognising women for their voice. Recognising women for their mindset.

Vision. Women working on construction sites.

Text. Mahnaz, Senior Project Manager.

Mahnaz. We can see women in different capacities such as project engineers, project managers, construction managers, all of them are providing greatest outcome to our society but we just need more of them.

Text. We just need more.

Janice. Feeling of pride in my work that I’ve delivered is amazing because I can name off many cities that I’ve worked in and know that I made the area better, made public safety better for the community.

Text. I’ve made the area better. I’ve made public safety better.

Sophia. Working on the Buckley Street level crossing we had a community walkthrough, so there were people singing in the underpass and a lot of the community came out to see what we had done, and that was a really proud moment for me and I was so proud of the team and what we’d accomplished.

Text. Proud moment for me.

Vision. Views of community walking through underpass, singing, taking photos. Cars driving through the completed road underpass.

Mahnaz. So I worked on the Caulfield to Dandenong project. When I see that how people are using that infrastructure that we created, it’s quite rewarding, and I feel that all the hard works have paid off. I love to learn how stuff works and I love that I get to apply my ideas to solving problems.

Vision. Mahnaz looking at completed open spaces and elevated rail with a train passing overhead, station finished.

Hazel. If you’re interested in solving problems, in seeing how things get built, then there’s definitely a place in the industry for you.

Miko. Now is a good time to become an engineer because the industry is just growing.

Mahnaz. I really want women to choose this profession because it is a great career and women have proved they are incredible.

Janice. Just do it, you have nothing to lose.

Text. Just do it. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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