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High Street level crossing is now gone for good, Reservoir Station now open

19 Dec 2019



High Street level crossing is gone for good, Reservoir Station now open

Text. High Street Reservoir, 31st level crossing removed.

Vision. View travelling beneath the new elevated rail bridge with the High Street level crossing removed.

Text. Reservoir Station now open.

Vision. View of platform sign, station platform and Flinders Street train passing through.

Text. High Street now open.

Vision. View of bus and cars travelling beneath elevated rail bridge.

Text. Trains running on new bridge.

Vision. View of train passing over new elevated rail bridge. Time lapse photography of night and day works on construction of new station from April 2019 to November 2019. View of heavy machinery demolishing old station.

Text. April station demolished. July beams installed. August 6 boom gates removed. October rail bridge complete. November station canopy built.

Vision. Staff working at night to install beams, removal of boom gates the installation of the station canopy. Aerial view at night of construction area. Aerial view at sunset of the new station with the Melbourne skyscrapers visible in the background.

Text. Thank you for your patience. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.

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