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Heritage rail revival with Cheltenham and Mentone materials

30 Jul 2020



Heritage rail revival with Cheltenham and Mentone materials

Vision. Views of old steam train 371, livestock carriages, train Y157, explosives carriage, train F212, steam train, diesel train VR, historic steam train. Castlemaine. A sign on building. Steam train 190 arriving at Castlemaine Station platform three. View of platform three with the steam train 190 pulling carriages into station showing the train driver.

Steve Strangward, president of Victorian Goldfields Railway. So we’re currently on Castlemaine platform three. This is the platform that the Victorian Goldfields Railway run out of. Today we have civil occupation of the track while we do some major upgrade works.

Vision. Railway workers replacing sleepers on the tourist rail line. Views of sleepers being installed by machinery. Aerial view of construction works in Cheltenham and Mentone.

Construction worker. This week we’ll be putting in about 270 concrete sleepers on the tourist railway. The sleepers have come from the Level Crossing Removal Project at Cheltenham and Mentone.

Vision. Construction workers removing rail and working on rail corridor. View of Engine 549 and steam train travelling on open track showing various scenes of countryside.

Steve Strangward. The material that we are able to get from the Level Crossing Project is surplus to mainline requirements, but it absolutely valuable to tourists and heritage organisations. We don’t run at the high speed that the suburban lines run at so we can make fantastic use of this reusable material, and we’ll get another 50 to 100 years out of it in our particular environment.

Vision. Train driver entering engine, oiling wheels. View of concrete sleepers. Aerial view of steam train and views from train of track. Steam train 153 operating on rail line.

Train driver. It makes it so much easier, you know, we’re receiving all these materials that are in very good condition still and it allows us to operate a safe railway and it’s a massive benefit to our railway

Construction worker. So being able to get some second-hand sleepers like this really means a huge amount to us.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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