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Glenroy 'Big Dig' underway

06 Apr 2021



Glenroy 'Big Dig' underway

Vision. Construction work at Glenroy Road.

Text. We are removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings including Glenroy Road.

Scott. We’re removing the level crossing out here at Glenroy by lowering the train line underneath Glenroy Road. The project will deliver a great new station out here at Glenroy along with a landscaped precinct.

Vision. Level crossing with train passing through. Artist impression of new Glenroy Station and landscaped area. Sketch showing distance of underpass between Rowan and Lewis Streets and depth of trench, amount of rock/soil to be removed and 30 swimming pools.

Scott. The new rail trench will be about 1.2 kilometres long between Rowan Street and Lewis Street in the north. And, at its deepest point it will be about eight metres deep. To lower the train line there’ll be about 80,000m3 of rock and soil to be removed. That’s about 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Vision. Construction work of rail trench. Sketch of Western Victorian Volcanic Plain. Heavy machinery on construction site drilling.

Scott. Glenroy lies on one of the world’s largest rock formation known as the Western Victorian Volcanic Plain, the third largest in the world. Basalt found here in Glenroy is eight times harder than concrete and can take significantly longer to excavate than sand and clay. The basalt and soil will be safely transported to a recycling facility. Excavation can cause noise, vibration and dust and we will be using excavators with rock hammers to remove the basalt from the site.

Vision. Pedestrians waiting a level crossing and traffic flowing through level crossing. Excavator digging trench and truck to remove basalt and soil. Cranes on construction site.

Scott. Road and rail disruptions are necessary to ensure our construction team can safely carry out the work. There will be more trucks on the road but we will ensure that they use the major arterial roads to remove the rock and soil. To keep up to date on the project we encourage you to sign up for text message and email updates.

Text. Text “Glenroy” 0428 581 917. 1800 105 1005.

Scott. An interactive map informing of current works is also available online at the Glenroy Road Level Crossing website. We really appreciate your patience as we complete this important work.

Text. Job done 2022. Level Crossing Removal project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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