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Geotechnical and service proving works

19 Oct 2016



Geotechnical and service proving works

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project - Geotechnical and service proving works]

[Vision: Drilling rig removing core - workman - cores in ute]

It’s a big drill that drills down and takes a core of the ground conditions, so we actually end in the ute with a number of cores.

[Vision: Geotechnical investigations use a rig to drill boreholes - staff inspecting core samples - this helps to determine ground conditions and ground water levels]

And whether it’s rock or clay or sand and the like, that we feed back into the design process and design the foundations of the level crossing removal.

[Vision: Level crossing showing traffic conditions - workmen drilling cores - basalt rock is prominent in Melbourne’s west]

In the west of town generally what we do find is basalt. It’s all volcanic land, so not far below the surface, and in this case it continues down to about eight metres below the surface.

[Vision: Level crossing - train passing through - traffic]

There’s a lot of infrastructure around. You’ve got the rail corridor, the road corridor and lots of development.

[Vision: Service proving works identify the depth and position of underground services - time lapse of staff drilling cores - The type of services are gas, telecommunications, water and electrical - these services will need to be relocated or protected - Workmen and train passing through level crossing]

All of that development needs services in terms of gas, telecommunications, water etcetera, so we need to do further investigations to make sure either the work we need to do to relocate some of that out of the way, or to protect it so we don’t damage it when we do the later level crossing removals.

[Vision: of using drill and inspecting core samples]

The options we look at, and the way we consider them, will be site by site very specific considerations.

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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