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Eight more level crossings to go on the Frankston line

06 Sep 2016



Eight more level crossings to go on the Frankston line


[Vision: Level crossing with train passing through]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport

We’re here to make some really important announcements about the next stage of progress on getting rid of dangerous, congested level crossings on the Frankston line.

[Vision: Map Frankston line]

We’ve seen a number have already been removed.

[Vision: Map showing level crossing locations]

We are now today here to talk about how we’re going to progress the remaining level crossings along this corridor.

[Vision: Aerial view of Frankston coastline and corridor]

Brad Smits - Senior Project Manager

[Vision: Level crossing showing traffic congestion and train passing]

These level crossings are extremely congested.

[Vision: Brad Smits speaking]

In the morning the boom gates can be down for up to 40 minutes during that morning peak two hours.

[Vision: Level crossing train passing]

So it’s very hard to get around these sites. And they’re also not very safe.

[Vision: Level crossing train passing]

There’s been lots of accidents at these level crossings, so it’s important that we do remove them.

[Vision: Brad Smits speaking]

The rail corridor along the Frankston line is a very narrow corridor.

[Vision: Staff at construction site]

So from the construction perspective it’s quite complex.

[Vision: Staff checking groundwater]

But also some of the other environmental things we’re looking at is the groundwater and the impact that some of the solutions could have on the regional groundwater and the adjacent Grahams Wetlands.

[Vision: Brad Smits speaking]

The consultation at this phase is very important.

[Vision: Community information sessions March 2016 - residents giving ideas - Engineer working at computer - staff looking at environmental conditions - Brad Smits speaking]

Part of the feedback that we want to get from the community and how we progress the designs as we go forward, along with the engineering and environmental considerations, to then put forward a recommended design for each of the sites.

[Vision: Jacinta Allan speaking - staff checking environmental conditions - wetlands - time lapse of construction - Jacinta Allan speaking]

What we’ll be doing is carefully considering the advice; carefully consider the environmental impacts at each location; and put forward what we will consider to be the best proposition to get rid of these dangerous, congested level crossings.

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[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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