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Driver training on the elevated rail at Noble Park

13 Feb 2018



[Vision:  Noble Park viaduct and train]

Anthony - Project Operational Signal & Route Specialist

I was very fortunate this morning to be the first driver to go over the viaduct at Noble Park.

[Vision:  Anthony driving train over viaduct]

The new track that’s down now it’s on rubber mats, it’s unbelievable.

It was just so smooth and quiet.

[Vision:  Aerial view of viaduct]

A lot of work has gone in to get it to that quality.

From a driver’s perspective it was quite enjoyable to drive.

[Vision:  Anthony speaking]

You could see the difference between the new and the old.

[Vision:  Train driver control panel]

A lot of design work has gone into the signalling.

[Vision:  Anthony driving train over viaduct]

I was part of that and I was very fortunate to watch the progress from a design phase to signals on the ground.

The signals have been placed for the drivers.

[Vision:  Anthony speaking]

A lot of human factors have been involved.

[Vision:  Anthony’s view of viaduct, signals and other train]

Drivers have had input in the design as well.

[Vision:  Train at station]

And the comments from the drivers today have been fantastic.

[Vision:  Train driver’s view of track and viaduct]

The projects have been really good too.

[Vision:  Aerial view of viaduct and train]

We’ve been able to facilitate what we need and understand our requirements.

So yeah, it’s positive all the way around.

[Vision:  View of traffic passing under viaduct - old level crossing]

One of the key benefits is the separation from road traffic and pedestrians from the railway section.

[Vision:  Aerial view of viaduct passing over road traffic]

Not having to worry about boom gates.

[Vision:  Ground level view of viaduct and trains]

One of the comments from one of the trainers was that they noticed the difference from being on an elevated section.

[Vision:  View of viaduct track and signals]

There are no obstructions, nothing to take your eye off what you need to focus on which are the signals.

And it’s cleaner.

There are no buildings

There’s no trees in the way.

[Vision:  Anthony speaking]

It’s such an improvement.

It was a joy to actually drive.

[Vision:  Night works of removal of level crossing - view of suburb from train - Anthony speaking]

Now that the level crossings have gone, we’ve got a nice smooth track for our trains, so the reliability is going to improve.

[Vision:  Sunset view of viaduct and signals - Train Services will resume on Thursday 15th February]

The drivability is going to improve with better signalling, better visibility, you know, better infrastructure, better for drivers and better for the public

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