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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Digging underway at Edithvale Chelsea and Bonbeach

17 Sep 2021



Digging underway at Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach

Vision. Various views of construction workers on the construction site and removing boom gates at Edithvale Road. Night works at Chelsea. Day works at Bonbeach. Map of the Frankston line showing locations of Edithvale Station, Chelsea Station and Bonbeach Station and the Nepean Highway.

Text. 5 level crossings set to go. 3 rail trenches.

Narrator. At Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach 5 level crossings will soon be gone for good by lowering parts of the Frankston line under local roads and into 3 rail trenches.

Vision. Artist impression of the new Chelsea Station, Edithvale Station and Bonbeach Station. Various views of construction works on the new train line.

Text. 3 new stations. Biggest projects yet. Most changes between Now and November.

Narrator. We’re also building 3 new stations. It’s one of our biggest projects yet and you’ll see the most changes between now and November.

Vision. Close-up night and day views of construction worker removing level crossing boom gates, and signage. Heavy machinery on construction site and removing the old Chelsea Station and showing the location of the new modern Bonbeach Station.

Text. Closed 5 level crossings. Five sets of boom gates removed. We demolished Chelsea Station and Bonbeach Station.

Narrator. We’ve already closed 5 level crossings at Edithvale Road, Swanpool Avenue, Chelsea Road, Argyle Avenue and Bondi Road. 5 sets of boom gates have been removed along with bells and lights and we demolish the old Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach stations.

Vision. Time lapse vision of construction works installing sheet piles to retain soil. View of heavy machinery installing a sheet pile with a close-up view of sheet pile showing depth marks. Construction workers working on train line.

Text. 4000+ sheet piles.

Narrator. We also installed sheet piles, more than 4000 of them, which are driven into the ground and join up to form a continuous retaining wall. The wall is needed to hold back the soil before getting started on the biggest part of the project yet.

Vision. View of trench works. Drawing of track showing length and depth of trench, soil, 80 swimming pools.

Text. 1 kilometre, 7 metres, 200,000 m3 of soil.

Narrator. We’re digging 3 trenches, each around 1 kilometre long and around 7 metres deep, and removing around 200,000 m3 of soil, enough to fill about 80 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Vision. Drawing of trench showing train tracks being laid. Map showing Frankston line trench showing locations of road bridges at Edithvale Road, Argyle Avenue, Bondi Road and Thames Promenade.

Text. New Thames Promenade.

Narrator. On the bottom of the trenches train tracks will be laid, and above road bridges will create new east-west connections over the line, including a new connection at Thames Promenade.

Vision. Construction workers working on construction site and removing boom gates. Aerial view of train and rail corridor.

Text. Soon to be level crossing free. New stations open soon.

Narrator. It’s an unprecedented timeframe for such a big project on one of Melbourne’s busiest train lines. As you can see we have a lot of work to do. We thank you for your patience as we remove these level crossings.

Vision. Construction workers and heavy machinery removing station with artist impression of the new stations. Ground level view of station site and construction works.

Narrator. You’ll still see us in the area in the New Year finishing our works but you’ll have safer and easier access to public transport, local shops, and the beach.

Text. Text “ECB” to 0429 839 892 to receive text alerts. Visit levelcrossings.vic.gov.au/subscribe to sign up for email updates.

Narrator. To find out more about the project or works in the area you can sign up for text alerts and email updates or visit our website.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit levelcrossings.vic.gov.au. Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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