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COSEP Thank you

21 Aug 2017



COSEP Thank you

Brett – Level Crossings Removal Authority

A massive thank you to everybody that contributed to the ideas for the community open space.

[Vision: Community space representation]

At the end of this job we’ll have 22 and a half hectares of community space available.

[Vision: Raised train and park view – Hub – Brett speaking]

In December 2016 we launched our online hub where we could hear ideas from the community about how to make this space really beautiful and important.

[Vision: Survey – Post – Thumbs up – Brett speaking]

Since then, we’ve had over 34 thousand visits to our online open space ideas hub and we’ve had in excess of 800 people complete surveys.

[Vision: Playground images]

Some of the key things you’ve told us. You want places for the family to play and spend time together.

[Vision: Images running/bikes]

You’re also fitness fanatics and you want areas to play sport and work out.

[Vision: Pathways/Bike Path]

And finally, you want a bike path that will connect you to the things you need and the things that you love.

[Vision: Brett speaking]

So watch this space, keep your eyes open because the final designs will be coming towards the end of 2017.


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne

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