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COSEP – meet the community members!

09 Oct 2016



COSEP – meet the community members!

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project]

Brett Summers - Project Director

[Vision: Plan of open space areas]

One of the key benefits of elevating the rail line is the creation of 225,000 square metres of active community open space.

[Vision; COSEP discussing ideas - Brett Summers speaking - meeting]]

The Community Open Space Expert Panel was formed to bring together experts in their fields, so Victoria Police, Bicycle Network Victoria, community representatives, to work on this opportunity of creating this beautiful parkland and open active spaces.

[Brett Summers speaking]

The members of the Panel have been selected for their connections to the local community.

[Vision: Panel discussing ideas and looking at open space plans]

And particularly with those members that have experience in design, in parklands, in the use of this urban space.

Community representative - male 1

I am a Town Planner by trade, so I do have an interest the design of good quality public open spaces.

[Vision: Discussing ideas and looking at open space plans]

My family have come from the area as well. My father has had a bakery in Noble Park for over 35 years.

Community representative - male 2

I am a local trader. I have a local business.

[Vision: Discussing ideas at meeting]

I've lived in the area for 19 years.

Community representative - female 1

[Vision: Looking at open space plans]

From day one it should be a good area, but it's also about making sure that in 20 years' time it's still a great place.

[Vision: Discussing ideas at meeting and looking at open space plans]

So making sure that it is consistent and contributing to the character of the area, and it's somewhere you want to go that's going to be useable as well.

[Vision: Panel discussing ideas and looking at plans]

One of the biggest things that I see is this connects the north and south.

[Vision: People in meeting - Community representative male 2 speaking]

Once the rail is elevated, and this open space is available, we become one community and that's important.

[Vision: People discussing ideas and making notes in meeting]

This isn't going to be a project where the end result is something that's going to be given to the community and there you go. This is something that's actually going to be borne from the community.

[Brett Summers speaking]

The Panel is considering all inputs from the local community.

[Vision: Professor Entwisle speaking in meeting and people giving ideas - Brett Summers speaking]

And they are really excited about bringing some of these opportunities back to the community, and demonstrating all of the initiatives that they have come up with.

[Vision: To get involved, visit]

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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