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Contract awarded for Furlong, Main, Blackburn and Heatherdale level crossing removals

10 Sep 2015



Contract awarded for Furlong, Main, Blackburn and Heatherdale level crossing removals


[Vision:  Train passing through level crossing]

Daniel Andrews - Premier

Well thanks very much for being here this morning.

[Vision:  Daniel Andrews greeting dignitaries - Daniel Andrews speaking - Stop on red signal sign - Daniel Andrews speaking - Level crossing congestion - Blackburn Station sign]

I’m very pleased to be joined by the Treasurer Tim Pallas and Parliamentary Secretary Shaun Leane to make a significant announcement about contracts being awarded for the removal of four level crossings including the one behind us here at Blackburn Road.

[Vision:  Daniel Andrews speaking]

And the contracts have been signed with Leightons and their partners, to remove these four.

[Vision:  Traffic congestion at level crossing - train passing by]

Work will begin before the end of the year.

[Vision:  Map showing location of four level crossing removal sites - Artist’s impression of Station site and construction corridor at various sites]

And these four level crossings, including Main Road and Furlong Road on the other side of the city, arguably the most dangerous, the most deadly level crossing of anywhere in our state, they’ll all be gone.

Tim Pallas - Treasurer

[Vision:  Train - platform - level crossing]

What we know at this particular level crossing that there can be trains congesting the road network effectively for 54 minutes in every two hour peak period.

[Vision:  Time lapse of congestion and trains at level crossing]

And of course we can remove those level crossings.

[Vision:  Artist’s impression of level crossing removal proposals - Tim Pallas speaking]

Congestion is not avoidable while these level crossings remain in place.

[Vision:  Traffic congestion]

[Daniel Andrews speaking]

[Vision:  Artist’s impression of Blackburn Road bridge]

This is all about safety.

[Vision:  Train at crossing]

It’s about productivity.  And it’s about making sure that we can run more trains more often.  They’ll all be gone.

[Vision:  Boom gate - traffic flowing over rail line at level crossing]

They’ll be a thing of the past by the end of 2018.


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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