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Consulting on the level crossing removals between Cheltenham and Frankston

20 Mar 2016



Consulting on the level crossing removals between Cheltenham and Frankston

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project]

[Vision: Community Engagement Sessions Frankston]

[Vision: Auditorium session with local community]

Female staff member 1

Today we’re out here to both give the local community as much information as we can, but also to hear from the local community about what’s important to them for their level crossing removals.

[Vision: Post-it note messages on plan from local community]

Male community member 1

[Vision: Community members looking at messages in auditorium]

Yeah. I just want them to sort of understand, see what was being asked here, and get some feedback which there’s plenty of opportunity to do.

[Vision: Map showing location of 11 level crossings]

Male staff member 1

We’ve got 11 level crossings that we’re removing on the Frankston line. Three of them are in construction at the moment.

[Vision: Boom gates to go - people leaving messages

And a further eight are being investigated at the moment.

Male staff member 2

I think it will mean less congestion.

[Vision: Staff talking with local community]

I think better access as well.

[Vision: Traffic and bus at level crossing - Male community member 2]

It will encourage more public transport use, better reliability of the line as well.

[Male staff member 1 - boom gates]

No-one particularly likes the unpredictability of the level crossing and the boom gates coming down.

[Male community member 1 - Stats of time lost - people leaving messages]

I was quite surprised when I saw the stats on how much time is lost with the boom gates being down, you know, a couple of hours between – in peak hour and that sort of thing.

[Female staff member 1 speaking]

We’re very early days. We don’t have designs yet. We don’t have options yet.

[Vision: People discussing ideas and leaving notes]

But we really want to hear from everybody, what they want to see once the project’s done, do we can build that in as we work through the designs. And look at our options and what we can do out here.

[Male staff member 2 speaking]

So it’s best to get involved.

[Vision: Find out how you can share]

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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