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Considering station heritage

25 Aug 2016



Considering station heritage

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project - Looking forward: Considering station heritage]

[Vision: Train passing station - Paul O'Connell and Jonathan Gardiner discussing designs]

Paul O'Connell - Environment & Sustainability Manager

So the five stations through the corridor are Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Clayton Station and Noble Park Station.

[Vision: Clayton Station sign and building - platform]

Clayton Station is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, which means it's of State significance.

[Vision: Carnegie Station - signage - Paul O'Connell speaking]

Carnegie and Murrumbeena have a local heritage overlay, which are representative of the local character of the area.

[vision: Murrumbeena Station platform - surrounding area]

Jonathan Gardiner - Architectural Lead

At Murrumbeena and Carnegie in particular there's a village feel to the station precinct, and the stations have historically been very much a part of the fabric of that community. What we're trying to do is enhance that village feel with all elements of the design of this project.

[Vision: Jonathan Gardiner and Paul O'Connell discussing designs - Jonathan Gardiner speaking]

Those options have ranged from relocation of the buildings and the reuse of the buildings, to being able to restore and retain some elements, some social fabric elements of the buildings to reuse within the project as a whole.

[Vision: Murrumbeena Station - Paul O'Connell speaking - platform and shelter]

At Clayton Station we're looking at the relocation and repurposing of the timber shelter on the Platform Number 2.

[Jonathan Gardiner speaking - Clayton Station, train and pedestrians]

We're dealing with both transport infrastructure, but we're also dealing with social infrastructure. And all the transport projects are really about how people move through their city.

[Vision: Level crossing Carnegie - traffic and station at Murrumbeena - Paul O'Connell speaking]

At Carnegie and Murrumbeena it's very important to make sure that we incorporate that local village feel and context into the new station precincts.

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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