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Chatting to Mernda line commuters

13 Dec 2018



Chatting to Mernda line commuters

Vision. Mernda platform one signage, view showing external architecture of station. View of the car park and buses outside Mernda Station, pedestrians using underpass at railway station, external view of station showing gum tree and roofline.

Male one. I actually love it. I’ve never had a problem getting a car park and it actually does flow in with the natural landscape in the way it’s been done and the colours are quite aesthetic.

Vision. Middle Gorge signage, cyclist riding to station beneath the railway line.

Male two. So I’m riding my bike to and from the station, it’s about 10 minutes each way and I put my bike in the Parkiteer cage.

Vision. Parkiteer bicycle cage at station.

Female one. Absolutely love it. It makes getting to wherever I need to go so much easier. It’s cut out easy half an hour. I used to only be able to take one bus to South Morang and now I’ve got four buses here so whenever I arrive within five minutes I can jump on a bus to go home.

Vision. Middle Gorge platform one, passengers walking down stairs at station. View of car park and buses waiting at station for passengers, bus leaving bus stop. Passengers walking along platform and entering train.

Male three. Yeah I think it’s been wonderful for the community and it’s brought much needed transport to the area, it’s excellent.

Vision. View of open space from station, Mernda Station signage, bus leaving station.

Male four. I get home about 45 minutes earlier so it allows me to pick up my son from childcare. Yeah I get to hang out with him an hour earlier than I usually would.

Text. Mernda Rail, Level Crossing Removal Authority. Victoria’s Big Build, Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

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