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Caulfield to Dandenong project – major works announcement July 2016

13 Jul 2016



Caulfield to Dandenong project start of major works announcement July 2016

[Level Crossing Removal Project]

[Vision: Start of major works : Caulfield to Dandenong level crossings]

Daniel Andrews - Premier

[Vision: Daniel Andrews looking over map]

Not only have enabling works begun but significant construction will begin on this project at the end of this month.

[Vision: Daniel Andrews speaking with Project Manager - Daniel Andrews speaking - Artist’s impression of rail line]

A project that creates 2,000 jobs, a project worth $1.6 billion, a project that delivers five brand new state of the art train stations, a project that’s going to transform the busiest rail line in our public transport system.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of construction method Neerim Road]

The exciting thing today is to announce that there will be some never before seen construction methods used. The two gantry trains, 230 tons, that’s what each of the weighs.

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport

We’ve grabbed the opportunity to bring the latest in design and technology, in engineering expertise and construction approach to this project.

[Vision: Model of construction - Artist’s impression of construction]

This is world-leading technology that’s coming to this major project here in Melbourne.

Simon - Operations Manager

One of the critical advantages of this technique is it minimises disruption to the residents in the area.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of construction]

It means we have less construction traffic overall, and it means we can work along the corridor without having to access from the sides as much as you would with traditional construction techniques.

[Jacinta Allan speaking]

Now with a project of this size and scale there is going to be some disruption during the project.

Donna - Stakeholder Comms Manager

[Vision: Train crossing level crossing - traffic at level crossing]

Line closures have been programmed to take place predominantly on weekends to reduce impacts on both rail and road users.

Richard - Construction Manager

Bear with us, we’re doing everything in our power to make sure that the construction phases minimise any disruption to the residents and the locals.

[Vision: Traffic stopped at level crossing - Daniel Andrews looking at model - traffic using level crossing]

All of this adds up to a safer system, a less congested system, a system where you don’t need a timetable, you can turn up and go.

[Daniel Andrews speaking]

That’s what all the great cities of the world have got, and that’s what Melbourne deserves, and that’s exactly what we are doing.

[Vision: Model of construction - Artist’s impression of Clayton Station]

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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