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Carrum major works announced

13 Feb 2019



Text. Major works are kicking off in Carrum. There will be four stages of work. Upgrading power and signalling.

Vision. Excavation machinery in use. Aerial view of Patterson River bridge. Construction site showing railway track and workers. View of existing Carrum Station. Aerial view of Carrum. Time lapse of construction of temporary track. Workers relocating power and signalling cables, and installing the temporary track in Seaford.

Narrator. Works are underway to prepare Carrum for the removal of three level crossings, building a brand new station and opening up more than a hectare of community space. Our teams are already working to relocate two kilometres of power and signalling cables. It sets the groundwork for later construction and will help make the Frankston line more reliable.

Text. Relocating gas, water and power. Temporary and partial closures Nepean Highway and Station Street. Building a temporary track.

Vision. View of Carrum Station showing cyclists and traffic. Aerial view of Carrum. Time lapse visions of night and day works at Carrum.

Narrator. Near Carrum Station we’ll be moving services like gas, water and power. There will be some temporary and partial closures of Nepean Highway and Station Street. Like we did at Seaford, we’re building a temporary track to help minimise disruption to the Frankston line. This will keep services running and will be in place by mid 2019.

Text. Building the new Carrum Station opens early 2020.

Vision. Artist’s impression of the new Carrum Station showing open space beneath track. Replacement bus taking people to Frankston.

Narrator. Once the temporary track is in place we’ll start building the new Carrum Station, replacement buses will transport commuters to nearby stations during the closure and we’ll have the new station open by early 2020.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. Victoria’s Big Build, Victoria State Government, Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

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