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Building modular train stations

18 Jul 2016



Building modular train stations

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project - Modular Stations]

[Vision: The new stations at Ginifer and St Albans are being built off site inside a factory]

[Vision: Once ready they will be transported and lifted into their final locations]

[Vision: This process is called modular building]

Sebastian - Project Engineer - Furlong Road Level Crossing Removal Project

My name is Seb. I’m the Project Engineer on the Level Crossing Removal Project at Furlong Road.

[Vision: Construction site]

We’re currently standing on the construction site of where the new rail line will be.

[Seb speaking - Station location]

Behind me is where the station will be built.

[Seb speaking - St Albans and Ginifer Station under construction at Prebuilt factory]

The modular buildings are being constructed offsite in a factory.

Amalia Athanassopoulos - On site at Prebuilt’s modular factory, Kilsyth

One of the main reasons we chose modular buildings is to make sure that we can build out on site with minimal disruptions in the shortest timeframe possible.

[Vision: Construction of station in factory - Amalia Athanassopoulos speaking]

By choosing modular that enables us to make sure that we stick to our program, we minimise any risks to site delays, and we can also adhere to our quality and safety standards. So typically if you were to build out on site you’d spend maybe four to six months building.

[Vision: Site excavation works]

You can have weather delays and other delays from other site works that can also impact the build.

[Amalia Athanassopoulos speaking - workmen constructing in factory]

However, by taking it out into the modular factory you are not impacted by any weather delays or any other works.

[Amalia Athanassopoulos speaking]

I think traditionally they used to use 2D drawings, and by doing so you don’t see what the issues are until you roll into construction.

[Vision: 3D design of station on computer]

However, with the method that we use, which is with the 3D models, we’re able to identify these issues before we get out to site.

[Vision: Factory construction of St Albans Station]

From this approach the community benefits because we minimise the construction to a much smaller window.

[Amalia Athanassopoulos speaking - factory construction of station]

The disruption will be minimised to say three weeks, if anything goes wrong at all, rather than four to six months, and over that period you’re not actually sure what will happen.

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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