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Buckley Street's level crossing is no more



Buckley Street's level crossing is no more


  1. Buckley Street Level Crossing Removal sign at Essendon Station
  2. Level crossing in use, train passing and traffic held up by level crossing
  3. Buckley Street road sign - Removing Buckley St Level Crossing
  4. Time lapse of night and day vision of works to remove level crossing
  5. Time lapse of construction of underpass for traffic
  6. Night works of staff removing level crossing boom gate
  7. Tunnel breakthrough (time lapse vision)
  8. Time lapse of construction work on underpass corridor - night and day works
  9. People walking through the underpass tunnel for the first time - train passing overhead
  10. Entertainment for opening by school children - people enjoying the entertainment
  11. Underpass is open
  12. Time lapse of people and train using the new corridors
  13. Staff removing the Road Closed Detour sign
  14. Time lapse of staff removing road closed signs
  15. Buckley Street Open!! Sign
  16. Cars using the new underpass
  17. Train passing over tunnel and traffic free - no congestion
  18. 9 level crossings gone for good



[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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