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Buckley Street construction update



Buckley Street construction update

[Vision: Buckley St sign - Buckley Street construction under roadway - Essendon Station sign - Buckley Street Level Crossing Removal sign - workman on construction site walking

Rob - Project Manager

At our viewing locations right now, you’ll be able to see that we’ve got quite a lot of work going on.

[Vision:  Time lapse visions of construction work]

There’s more than 100 people out on site at the moment working.

[Vision:  Laying railway track]

And what we’re doing at the moment is we’re installing the communication route that will run the train line system.

[Vision:  Workmen concreting and working on construction]

That’s happening behind me.

[Vision:  Heavy machinery loading truck with debris]

Over in Rose Street you’ll be able to see the central underpass is being regraded to be DDA compliant.

[Vision:  Artist’s impression of station]

They’ll then get covered in architectural panels, landscaped garden beds and a new canopy roof.

[Vision:  Time lapse aerial view of construction]

Additionally at the moment we are building the roadway in Buckley Street underneath the dive.

And we’re doing quite a lot of kerbing and working on the service roads and getting them prepared for final seals.

[Vision:  Rob speaking]

So those works are progressing as scheduled, and we’re really looking forward to that next stage of our construction works.

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