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Bonbeach: Station Street/Bondi Road level crossing

05 Sep 2016



Bonbeach: Station Street / Bondi Road level crossing

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project]

Mark - Senior Project Manager

Hi. I’m Mark and I’m a Senior Project Manager here at the Level Crossing Removal Authority.

[Vision: Map of Frankston Line showing location of level crossing removals]

We’re removing the level crossing at Station Street Bonbeach, which is one of the 11 that we’re removing on the Frankston line, and one of the 50 that we’re removing across Melbourne.

[Vision: Level crossing with train passing at Station Street/Bondi Road Bonbeach]

The reason we remove level crossings, first of all it makes things safer.

[Vision: Level crossing traffic]

It removes that interface between trains, cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

[Vision: Boom gates - Mark speaking]

Also it helps congestion in the area.

[Vision: Power pole at Bondi Road]

By not having to wait at those boom gates you’re not spending as much time in your car at this level crossing.

[Mark speaking]

Connections across the rail line can also be improved as well.

[Vision: Pedestrian gate at level crossing - Mark speaking]

We’ve done a lot of planning and technical investigations to date and there’s still a lot more to do.

[Vision: Geotechnical equipment - planning design office]

We’re been doing some design development of the different options to understand what’s possible and what’s not possible.

[Vision: Workmen drilling and equipment]

We’re also starting to gather some geotechnical information to understand exactly what conditions we’ve got underground, and more information about the groundwater levels.

[Mark speaking - flora assessment]

Other studies we’ve been doing include environmental studies, including flora and fauna assessments.

[Mark speaking - Power lines]

We’re also investigating the utility services in the area, that includes gas mains, water mains, power lines, and we’re understanding what impact those may have on the different options available.

[Vision: Community meeting getting feedback]

Earlier this year we went out to the community to understand what’s important to you and what you’d like to see out of the project.

[Vision: Bonbeach beach]

You told us you love the area. It’s a nice beachside location. It’s got that coastal village feel. You want to maintain that look and feel.

[Mark speaking]

You also said that you want safe and easy access to the beach and the shops.

[Vision: Community meeting - Mark speaking - Patterson River sign and river - overview of area]

Another thing that came out, which was quite strong in the sessions, was that that connection over Patterson River between Bonbeach and Carrum was missing on Station Street, and you wanted the ability to be able to travel along Station Street directly into Carrum.

[Mark speaking - Ways to remove level crossings]

There are four main ways to remove level crossings, and they can be split up into road-based or rail-based options. Each of those options have their own pros and cons.

[Vision: Options under active consideration]

We have two main options under active consideration at Bonbeach. The first option is lowering the rail line underneath the existing road into a trench.

[Vision: Overview of Bonbeach Station]

The extent of the works would be about a kilometre in length, about 500 metres either side of the road. The benefit of lowering the rail line is that you won’t have that same visual bulk as what a rail bridge might have. One of the challenges with lowering the rail line is, is that it’s a technically more difficult solution.

[Mark speaking - construction site and workers]

It requires the relocation of all the utility services within the area, and it also requires, what’s effectively a bathtub structure, to stop groundwater seeping into the trench.

[Mark speaking]

Another issue is that it’s difficult for people to cross the rail trench.

[Vision: Pedestrians - overview of Nepean Highway map sowing option]

Pedestrian overpasses would be required. They would create extra distance to walk and cycle across the rail line, and it would also create some visual bulk for this option.

[Mark speaking]

Another issue is that lowering the rail line takes up more space.

[Vision: Tree - traffic and parking]

There’s less opportunity to provide tree planting, as well as paths and additional car parking for the station.

[Vision: Time lapse of construction of barrier]

While there would be less visual impact with this option, a concrete barrier would still be required for about a kilometre along the rail line.

[Mark speaking - Overview of Bonbeach Station showing bridge location]

The other possible option at this location is the rail bridge, which spans for about a kilometre, or about 500 metres either side of the road. People told us that they want safe and easy access across the rail line and to the beach. Having the rail elevated in this area will open up that space to allow those connections to be made easier.

[Vision: Pathway]

Other benefits with this option is we have the potential to provide a shared cycling and pedestrian path along the rail line.

[Mark speaking - trees]

It also creates more space underneath the bridge to provide more parking at the station, and there’s more opportunity to provide some trees to plant.

[Mark speaking]

We do recognise however, that the rail bridge option may cause overshadowing on homes and businesses, and will generally have a great visual bulk.

[Vision: Station - Mark speaking]

For both options we’ll be building a brand new Bonbeach Station, and we’ll be looking for feedback on that later in the year.

[Vision: Level crossing - Options not under active consideration]

The two options that we’ve discarded at this stage are the two road-based options, that’s raising or lowering the road over or beneath the rail line.

[Vision: Bonbeach beach and suburb from the air - Mark speaking]

As part of these options, the purchase of homes and businesses would be required, and we just think that will have too big of an impact on the local Bonbeach community.

[Vision: Bonbeach 2 sign - Mark speaking - Bridge over Patterson River and Nepean Highway - level crossing - Mark speaking]

Earlier this year you told us you were really keen to see that Station Street bridge connection over Patterson River. As a result we’re actively considering that as an option, and if that goes ahead, the traffic volumes using the existing level crossing between Mernda and Mascot Avenues will significantly reduce, which means we can close that level crossing for a safer result for everybody.

[Vision: Railway crossing - Mark speaking]

We understand that no one option will address everyone’s concerns. We want your feedback to help identify the right solution here at Bonbeach.

[Vision: Level crossing - Mark speaking - time lapse of construction site]

We’re aiming to have a recommended solution by the end of the year, with construction starting by 2018.

[Mark speaking]

There’s a couple of different ways that people can get involved.

[Vision: come to one of our community information sessions]

First of all come to our information sessions, see the information we’ve got available, and tell us what you think.

[Vision: Join the online conversation - Mark speaking]

Also, join in the online discussion and help shape this project for the Bonbeach area.

[For more information]

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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