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Bridges craned in to Coburg and Brunswick

04 Sep 2020



Bridges craned in to Coburg and Brunswick

Vision. Time lapse photography of traffic at boom gate showing how new overpass alleviates traffic congestion. Time lapse photography of construction work of overpass, truck delivering the concrete beam and then cranes lifting concrete beams into place. View of beam showing the tag number.

Matt. We’re a month in on the build and we’ve got about half of the big concrete beams up in the air. They’re about 110 tonnes each and they’re manufactured in two locations around the state. They’re all tagged with individual numbers so they come to site at exactly the right time and then are lifted into place at exactly the right time, so we can get it all done as quickly as possible.

Vision. Level crossing boom gates being removed at night.

Matt. Not just are we getting rid of these four level crossings, with Bell Street, one of the most frustrating and dangerous level crossings in the whole state, I think everyone that has lived in Melbourne for a reasonable amount of time would just know how busy Bell Street can get.

Vision. Artist’s impression of new station at Moreland, parkland, bike paths, and elevated train line.

Matt. We’re actually building two fantastic new stations at Coburg and Moreland, and as a part of that, along the whole two and a half kilometres we’re creating about two MCG’s worth of brand new open space, so Greens Plains Parkland, replanting playgrounds, a bike park that runs the whole length, and pedestrian paths both north-south and across which is going to connect the communities from east to west for the first time in about 100 years.

Vision. Views of construction site, aerial view of construction site and surrounding suburbs.

Matt. There’ll just be a fantastic transformation of this whole two and a half kilometre precinct from Bell all the way down to Moreland and the community is going to love it.

Text. Job Done 2021. Level Crossing Removal Project. Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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