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Barpa and the Epping Jobs Hub

02 Jun 2017



Barpa and the Epping Jobs Hub

Liz Allen - Level Crossing Removal Authority - Aboriginal Employment Skills Adviser

Hello. I’m Liz Allen, a proud Wurundjeri Jaya Gurung woman from Aboriginal Victoria. I’m currently the Aboriginal Employment Skills Advisor at the Level Crossing Removal Authority. My role is to support initiatives on our rail projects for Aboriginal people and jobs.

[Vision: Jobs Hub entrance - MerndaRail info and jobs hub]

For example Barpa, a Victorian indigenous business, fitted out the Jobs Hub at Mernda.

Alex - Barpa Construction - Building Coordinator

[Vision: Truck being loaded with dirt at construction site]

Barpa is a construction company that is part owned by the Federation of the Traditional Owners of Victoria. It’s about the progression of indigenous people and non-indigenous people coming together, and in the building industry trying to also employ more indigenous people.

Briana - Mernda Rail Extension Project - Communications Manager

So today was a really exciting day for the project.

[Vision: People in Hub]

We were able to launch the hub to our project staff and the Barpa guys.

[Vision: Smoking ceremony]

And we held a smoking ceremony out of the front of the office.

[Vision: People at smoking ceremony]

I think we’re all really proud to have participated in our ceremony this morning.

[Vision: Aboriginal artwork in Hub - people looking around]

We gave staff the opportunity to have a look around the Hub.

[Vision: Caterers and food]

And we had catering here provided by Grumble Tumms which is an indigenous catering company based down in Geelong.

Carl - Barpa Construction - Site Manager/Artist

I believe we need more role models in our communities.

[Vision: Workers and families]

We’re working hard for what we have, which is a young family and all that kind of stuff. People want to be like us.

[Vision: Carl speaking]

We’re proud to be where we are, and hopefully a lot of other people can follow.

[Vision: Carl showing and explaining artwork

The art that I chose to be up are a couple of my favourite artworks that I just have at home.

[Vision: Carl speaking]

The painting behind us is of the Kimberleys, the East Kimberleys where I grew up.

[Vision: Close up of artwork]

So it just represents the beauty in the scenic East Kimberley which is the sunset behind a boab tree.

[Vision: People at smoking ceremony - child playing]

It’s been fantastic to see the relationships develop between the Barpa guys and John Holland.

[Vision: Briana speaking]

And we’re looking for more and more opportunities to engage with social enterprises where we can. It’s a different way of doing business, and I think it’s one that we’re all getting a lot of satisfaction out of.

[Vision: Alex speaking]

They made us feel very welcome and I’d love to do more jobs like this in the future. It’s more than money. It’s providing jobs for my people and my community and other disadvantaged people, so I’m all for it.


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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