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Abbotts Road Level Crossing Removal

20 Sep 2016



Abbotts Road level crossing removal project

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project]

[Vision: Abbotts Road Level Crossing Removal Project]

Brett Summers - Project Director

[Vision: Overview plan of Level Crossing Abbotts Road - train at crossing]

We’re removing this level crossing at Abbotts Road, which will result in improved safety for road and rail users, particularly for the 23,000 vehicles that use the level crossing each day.

[Brett Summers speaking - traffic - Remington Industrial Estate]

So earlier in 2016 we did look at an option where we were going to link Pound Road with Remington Drive, and permanently close Abbotts Road at the level crossing.

{Vision: Abbotts Road level crossing - time lapse traffic use - normal traffic - community feedback]

After speaking to the community about that particular solution, the community made it very clear that they would like Abbotts Road to remain open.

Andrew - Dexion Dandenong

[Vision: Abbotts Road level crossing]

Whilst I’m in favour of the Remington Road Project, not at the expense of closing the rail crossing there at Abbotts Road, it’s too critical to the area.

[Vision: Traffic at crossing]

Coral - Pentair

From the initial thing it sounded like the road was closing and that was the end of the story.

[Vision: Industrial traffic - Dexion sign - Distribution Centre]

And, you know, going to be detrimental to some of the businesses in the area.

[Brett Summers speaking - overview of industrial area buildings]

The design that’s now been developed is a rail bridge solution, which has limited impact to the surrounding precinct.

[Brett Summers speaking - Artist’s impression of train over road]]

Abbotts Road, as part of this solution, will now remain open, although the level crossing itself will be removed and the trains will travel over the top of the road.

[Andrew speaking]

I think it’s the only practical solution really, when you look at the costs and the inconvenience caused in any other option, be it under or over, I think rail over is the only option and the best one.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of truck under rail - Coral speaking]

Well, it was actually my preferred option right from the go, because it seemed that it would probably be the less disruptive, not only during the build but ongoing.

[Vision: Industrial traffic - Brett Summers speaking]

One of the key benefits of the removal of this level crossing is an increase in safety for both rail and road users.

[Coral speaking - truck - level crossing]

Because people won’t be hurrying through there as much as they currently do to beat the railway line as well as the lights.

[Brett Summers speaking - creating jobs - construction site - port terminal]

Some other key benefits include the creation of thousands of jobs, as well as future proofing the link to the inland port terminal at Lyndhurst.

[Brett Summers speaking - artist’s impression of traffic in Abbotts Road]

As we move into the next phase of the project, the construction phase, we will continue to work with the community on minimising disruption to both the local traders, road users and rail users.

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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