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A look back at LXRA's 2017 Graduate Program

11 Dec 2018



A look back at LXRA’s 2017 Graduate Program

Slide: What’s your most memorable experience of LXRA’s 2017 Graduate Program?

AJ - Graduate, Engineering

By far the induction week.

Vision: Staff mingling and talking at induction week.

It was a great opportunity to meet with the likes of amazing people and learn about the organisation as a whole.

Lillian - Graduate, Law

Being admitted to become a lawyer which the grad program really supported and assisted with me getting that.

Luke - Graduate, Engineering

Delivering an occupation, so a rail occupation, on time.

Roy - Graduate, Accounting and Finance

The rotations that the program has allowed me to go through over the past 18 months.

Dinesh - Graduate, Engineering

The most memorable moments would have to be the ones where all the guys get together.

Vision: Graduates working outside together and talking.

It was just good having everyone together and knowing that we are all going to be working together and that was quite exciting.

Slide: What advice would you offer to future LXRA graduates?

Richard - Graduate, Planning and Approvals

Try not to be siloed into your discipline.

Be very much broad-minded.

Alexander - Graduate, Engineering

Give it a go. Believe in yourself. Put yourself out there.

Vision: AJ speaking.

Keep learning and be open to learning.

Vision: Lillian speaking.

Just to say yes to everything; to not be afraid to take on things that are really outside your comfort zone because that’s when you’re going to learn the most.

Slide: What’s been a key learning for you?

John - Graduate, People and Culture

Change is constant and learning is a life-long process.

Vision: AJ speaking.

You can gain knowledge and competencies in almost any area.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert in it or not.

Vision: Alexander speaking

Just learning not to worry so much about all the small stuff and keeping an eye on the big picture.

Kav - Graduate, Engineering

Having that rotation through safety I think was really critical, especially when you’re working in a high-risk environment.

Vision: Dinesh speaking.

Every single time I’ve done something and I’ve hated it, I’ve complained about it, I’ve almost always ended up using that and I looked back and said that was something that was very useful and I’m glad I did it.

Slide: What are your next career steps?

Vision: AJ speaking.

I’ll commence my role as a project engineer with the CTD team.

Vision: Dinesh speaking.

I’m working with the project development team up in Western Program Alliance and I feel like I’ve found a really good balance, and I feel like I’ve found the right people to work with.

Vision: Lillian speaking.

To stay on as a lawyer in the legal team and to really gain strong experience and skills in major projects in planning and environment law and construction law.

Vision: Kav speaking.

I hope to continue to develop skills and be successful in the role as a project engineer.

Vision: John speaking.

My next step is within LXRA itself but I’m quite confident that regardless of what I do and where I go, LXRA set me up to essentially be the best that I can be to take that next step.

Slide: Level Crossing Removal Authority – Victoria’s Big Build – Victoria State Government.

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne

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