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30th Level Crossing Gone – Aviation Road, Laverton

02 Oct 2019



30th Level Crossing Gone – Aviation Road, Laverton

Text. 30 gone for good.

Vision. A mosaic of small videos appear from each of our previous 29 level crossing removal projects. In the centre of the screen a red graphic counts up from 0 to 30 level crossings removed and then turns green when it reaches 30. The camera zooms in towards the final video, aerial footage from the new road bridge at Aviation Road in Laverton. A train passes under the bridge as a car drives over the bridge.

Text. Aviation Road, Laverton.

Vision. Aerial footage follows a car as it drives up the new bridge ramp.

Text. Our 30th level crossing removed.

Vision. Aerial footage moving toward the bridge with a car driving over the top.

Text. Safer more reliable travel for vehicles and trains.

Vision. Elevated aerial footage of the new bridge. A city bound train passes under the bridge as cars drive above.

Text. Enabling more trains to run more often on the Werribee line.

Vision. Aerial footage of the new bridge. A group of cars drive over the new bridge in either direction. Melbourne’s central business district is visible in the background.

Text. 75 level crossings gone by 2025.

Person one. Look removing this set of boom gates for me would probably mean the certainty of getting to work on time, would be the first and foremost.

Person two. It’s like congested and you’re in a hurry and it’s quite dangerous too as well.

Vision. Black and white. Person one and two talking to camera. Cars parked in front of the level crossing with the boom gates down and a train passing through. Cars driving slowly through the level crossing. Early construction works in progress and cranes on the project site. A train passes through the site. A worker operates a piling rig. A crane transports a steel cage into place.

Text. 1000 concrete panels installed.

Vision. Timelapse of the bridge’s retaining earth walls being constructed.

Text. Beams fabricated locally in Melton South.

Vision. Construction workers creating the concrete beams at the factory. Timelapse of one of the concrete beams travelling from the factory to the project site. Timelapse of the concrete beams being lifted into place and installed by construction workers. Timelapse of the finishing works being completed on the bridge.

Text. Bridge sneak peak.

Vision. Aviation Road community fun day poster. Footage of locals gathering at the event. Timelapse of locals walking up the ramp.

Person three. It was really good it is really impressive.

Vision. Footage of the partially completed road bridge during the sneak peak event.

Person four. It should be a lot better.

Vision. Footage of a train passing underneath the road bridge.

Person five. It was nice to be able to see it all put together and stuff like that after watching it being built.

Vision. Families and children watching trains travel underneath the new road bridge.

Person six. It’s a wonderful thing to have happen in our local area. It’s going to make life a lot, lot easier for everyone concerned.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne

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