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Your new North Williamstown Station fact sheet

03 Dec 2020

Features of the new precinct

We have developed the design for North Williamstown Station which will form part of the rail under road design to remove the Ferguson Street level crossing.

Technical assessments and community feedback have helped us select the best solution for the area. We heard that retaining heritage is important to you, so we have refined the design to meet local community needs.

We will build a new station building on the east of the rail line, create new open spaces and improve access to the station platforms.

There will be a generous forecourt between Ferguson Street and the station access points. Artist impression only. Subject to change.

In keeping with local character

The precinct design complements the low-rise nature of Williamstown, keeping important view lines between the Rifle Range Hotel and the old Bristol Hotel.

Lowered station platforms

The new platforms will be accessed from Ferguson Street by stairs, ramps and lifts and will have better seating and shelter for waiting passengers.

Retained western station building

The larger of the two existing station buildings to the west of the rail line will be retained for station facilities.

More bike connections and parking

We will build a new four metre- wide shared path through the station precinct.

Near the Williamstown-bound platform and new shared path, cyclists will be able to park their bikes in a new secure bike shelter. We will also add bike hoops on both sides of the station.

Revitalised green spaces

We will free up green space on the western side of the station that was previously inaccessible.

Station precinct map

Map of proposed North Williamstown Station, with bus stop, shared use path, bike parking, station forecourt and ramps.

Working in an area rich in history

We recognise the rich heritage in Williamstown and the important role this plays for the local community. We will preserve as many features in the area as possible.

We will retain the western station building at North Williamstown Station. Materials from the smaller building that needs to be removed will be reused throughout the precinct where possible.

We are investigating further opportunities to reflect the history of the area, such as the use of public art to share stories and celebrate the community's past.

To retain the heritage character and make the precinct a useable space for the community, we will:

  • retain the more prominent western station building
  • use the retained station building for station purposes, minimising the need for additional buildings
  • reuse materials such as brick, bluestone and veranda structures within the landscape design
  • build a new station building and structures that complement the existing station building and Williamstown’s character.

Understanding the new station

For detailed information about how we developed the station design, the site constraints and what the station will look like, read our Understanding the new North Williamstown Station fact sheet.

View the PDF version of this fact sheet PDF, 86.4 MB.

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