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Wyndham Vale - Frequently asked questions

27 Sep 2018

Where will the facility be located?

The new stabling yard will be located on government-owned land just north of Wyndham Vale Station, straddling the western boundary near the Geelong line.

This parcel of land was identified as a future site for train stabling during consultation on the Regional Rail Link project, which was completed in 2015.

The site’s proximity to Wyndham Vale Station will provide easy access for V/Line trains on the Geelong line, and a bypass track will mean trains entering and exiting the stabling yard won’t disrupt passenger services.

What will the facility consist of?

The project involves three stabling roads to house up to six V/Line trains; a fourth stabling road for shunting trains; driver facilities; and a bypass track near Wyndham Vale Station.

Access roads and paths will also be constructed for workers and vehicles servicing the trains.

Why is additional stabling required?

The new facilities are essential to meet interpeak (daytime, or between peak periods) train stabling for V/Line trains on the regional rail network, with an increasing fleet also driving increasing demand.

Existing V/Line stabling at the E-Gate facility near Footscray needs to be relocated to make way for the extension of Wurundjeri Way as part of the West Gate Tunnel Project.

What is the timeline for these works?

The project started in late 2018 and is expected to be completed by early 2020.

Why is the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) undertaking this project?

The Level Crossing Removal Project has experience with similar rail infrastructure projects, including metropolitan train stabling constructed at Mernda and planned for Kananook.

LXRP is well placed to take on the Wyndham Vale stabling project and will work closely with other major transport infrastructure projects, V/Line, the community and key stakeholders.

Are there plans to develop the facility further?

This project will fulfil the immediate needs for V/Line diesel trains, but designs will allow for further expansion if required.

Will there be fencing or landscaping around the new facility?

Yes. It is proposed that the area around the new facility will be enclosed by fencing and CCTV coverage, to ensure a safe and secure facility for V/Line trains.

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