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Toorak Road, Kooyong update

18 Dec 2018

Early site investigations have started at the Toorak Road level crossing in Kooyong, which is one of the 75 dangerous and congested level crossings being removed around Melbourne.

We’re getting on with the job or removing the level crossing at Toorak Road, with geotechnical investigations and site surveys, so construction can start in 2019.

This level crossing is one of Victoria’s worst with the boom gates causing delays and frustration for the 37,000 vehicles that travel through it each day and for people travelling on nearby roads like Glenferrie Road, Tooronga Road and Auburn Road.

Removing the Toorak Road level crossing will mean better traffic flow on our roads, including access on and off the Monash Freeway and CityLink, as well as the opportunity for more train services in the future and improved safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. It will also create hundreds of jobs during construction.

Project benefits

  • Improving safety for pedestrians and road users
  • A more reliable road network
  • Making it easier for people to move around the area
  • Better transport connections
  • Stimulate economic growth by creating hundreds of jobs

Stop on red signal sign at Toorak Road

What we’re currently doing

Planning is underway for the removal of the Toorak Road level crossing. We’ve been conducting site and technical investigations to better understand the area. These include:

Geotechnical investigations: testing water and ground conditions to help inform design development and the construction approach

Service proving: locating where water, sewerage, electricity gas and telecommunications service pipes are located around the level crossing.

Survey investigations: identifying local topography and landmarks to assist in planning for the project.

Environmental studies: investigating local flora and fauna and nearby environmental features to inform a design solution that will minimise impacts to the area.

Noise assessments: measuring existing noise levels along the rail line and surrounding area.

Stakeholder meetings: meeting a range of stakeholders including local council and other transport agencies, to understand how the project will integrate with future planning for the area and ensure it doesn’t preclude other projects from happening.

Removing a level crossing

Every level crossing has unique characteristics which help determine the most suitable way to remove the level crossing. There are four basic designs for removing a level crossing. They are:

  • Lowering the railway line under the road, into an open trench
  • Raising the railway line over the road
  • Lowering the road under the railway line
  • Raising the road over the railway line.

A hybrid design can also be considered in addition to these four basic designs. A hybrid design mixes two of the above design solutions, raising either road or rail part of the way and lowering the other.

Traffic banked up at the Toorak Road level cossings

Design considerations

We are looking at a number of key factors that will feed into the design and construction process for the Toorak Road level crossing removal.

Technical considerations

There are underground services, including power, water and telecommunications located around Toorak Road that may cause challenges during construction. Our current site investigations will help us understand more about any constraints in the area.

Disruption during construction

Some designs require unavoidable disruptions to the rail line, roads, walking and cycling paths and shops.

We will aim to minimise short-term impacts to the local community and commuters during the construction period.

Urban design

Urban design not only considers buildings and public spaces, but also the way the community uses and moves around the rail corridor on foot, by car or bicycle or on public transport.

Urban Design Principles developed in consultation with the Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA) will help to inform the project design and integrate our work with the existing character of the area.

Better connectivity and safer communities

As part of the project, we will look for opportunities to improve walking and cycling paths, create attractive, safe and well-maintained spaces, increase safe movement and improve connections and access.

Environmental considerations

Impacts on existing vegetation, including indigenous and mature trees, will be taken into consideration as part of the project.

Project cost

We ensure that our projects are cost effective and provide value for money, while still being beneficial and practical to the community.

Transport planning

The design will consider future transport planning and upgrades in the area. We’re working with other transport agencies to ensure the level crossing removal works consider this.

Local council

We’re working with the City of Stonnington to ensure the project integrates with local council strategies for future improvement and development in the area.

Project timeline


Late 2018

  • Planning and technical investigations
  • Initial planning, site investigation and design assessments.

Early to mid-2019

  • Engagement and procurement
  • Identifying a design solution and engagement on aspects on the design
  • Tender process to choose a company to design and build the project

Mid-late 2019

  • Contract award and early works
  • Finalise design solution
  • Award contract to a construction delivery partner
  • Construction commences


  • Delivery
  • Construction completed

*Please note that the timeline showing is subject to change.

Traffic waiting for the boom gate an Toorak Road in Kooyag,

Who we are

The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) was established in 2015 by the Victorian Government to oversee one of the largest rail infrastructure project in the state’s history – the removal of 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across metropolitan Melbourne by 2022.

In 2018, the Victorian Government committed to removing a further 25 level crossings by 2025.

We have removed 29 level crossings to date with a program of level crossing removals ahead over the next six years.

Removing the 75 level crossings will deliver:

  • More reliable roads and rail – traffic congestion will be reduced and more trains will be able to run more often
  • Improved safety – crossing the railway tracks will be much safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers
  • More opportunities – removing level crossings will enhance and create vibrant areas for retail and residential development.

Get involved

We will be talking further with the local community yon the Toorak Road Level Crossing Removal Project in early 2019.

As a first step, sign up for email updates at or connect with us on social media. We’ll send you the latest news directly, and let you know when and how to provide feedback on the project.

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