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Station Street and Eel Race Road Carrum Community Update - April 2018

01 Apr 2018

Carrum works update

The Level Crossing Removal Authority is removing 13 level crossings from the Frankston line. Construction of the new Station Street road bridge across the Patterson River is the first stage in the removal of three dangerous and congested level crossings in the Carrum area.

The new bridge will be open by the end of 2018 and will provide safer and more direct connections for local traffic. It will also create new walking and cycling paths for safer access to Carrum Station, the beach, Patterson River and surrounding suburbs.

Early works

Works for the construction of the Station Street road bridge are well underway, with our construction site at the Patterson River Launching Way and two smaller sites on Station Street in Bonbeach and Carrum now established.

River traffic management is also now in place to allow for the safe assembly of a barge and cranes to remove the existing pedestrian bridge across the Patterson River and start construction on the new Station Street road bridge.

This on-water construction helps us to minimise the impacts to residents along Station Street while also maintaining access to Port Phillip Bay for Patterson River users.

Construction works

Pedestrian bridge removal

The pedestrian bridge across the Patterson River has now been closed and works to remove the cage over the bridge have started.

In April, the pedestrian bridge will be removed in sections with the use of a 15-tonne crane on a barge in the Patterson River, and a 60-tonne crane in the Station Street, Bonbeach construction site. The 60-tonne crane will then move to the Station Street, Carrum construction site to remove the last section of the bridge.

Works to remove the bridge will be complete late April.

Signed walking and cycling detours are in place for safe access across the Patterson River.

Station Street road bridge

In April a 250-tonne crane will be moved on to a barge at the Patterson River Launching Way construction site and will be floated down the Patterson River to start piling works for the new bridge piers.

Piling works for the piers will take up to four weeks and will create noise. Some vibrations may be felt by nearby residents. Works will happen between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 7am and 1pm on Saturdays.

Also in April, land-based cranes on each side of the Patterson River will be built at the Station Street construction sites. These cranes will assist with piling works for the bridge foundations and lifting materials for the construction of the bridge.


From Friday 6 April to Monday 9 April Metro train services will not be running on the Frankston line. During this time there will be a temporary loss of car parks at Carrum Station to allow replacement buses to operate safely.

For more information on these works please see the disruptions page on our website.

We will continue working closely with residents and traders to maintain access to properties and minimise disruptions wherever possible.

Our standard working hours are between 7:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 7:00am and 1:00pm on Saturday, if we need to work outside of these hours we'll let you know.

Construction safety reminder

Please use caution around any construction works. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are asked to observe all traffic management signs in this area.

Patterson River impacts

River traffic management will be in place throughout construction of the new Station Street road bridge to maintain safe access to Port Phillip Bay for Patterson River users.

All ramps at the Patterson River Launching Way will remain open throughout construction.

Some short river closures of a couple of hours will be required at times to safely construct the new Station street road bridge. Any closures will be kept to a minimum and advance notice will be provided to river users.

To ensure you receive information about expected closures register for Frankston line: Station Street, Carrum project updates at or contact our project team at 1800 105 105.

Project timeline

15 March 2018Pedestrian bridge closure
Late March 2018Patterson River traffic management in place
April 2018

Barge and crane assembled for on-water construction

Cranes installed at Station Street construction sites

Late April 2018Pedestrian bridge removed
Late 2018Station Street road bridge open to traffic

* Please note that the timeline above is subject to change

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