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Seaford Road, Seaford - Community update: June 2018

29 May 2018

Along the Frankston line, the Victorian Government is removing 13 dangerous level crossings and building a new train storage facility to improve safety, reduce congestion and run more trains, more often.

Construction equipment in Seaford

Works during May

A construction blitz has been underway in the local area with works occurring on the Seaford Road level crossing removal, the removal of the level crossing at Skye / Overton Road and works to rebuild the new Frankston train station. These works have been done concurrently to minimise disruptions to commuters and the community.

At Seaford Road, site preparation works continued, with underground utility service relocations and the start of piling works.

In addition, the temporary rail line has been constructed and will be in operation when trains return in June.

Seaford Road was closed for a week to allow the construction team to place the temporary tracks across Seaford Road and to reposition the level crossing and traffic signals to align with the temporary rail line.

We appreciate your patience while we get on with removing this dangerous and congested level crossing, particularly over weekends and nights. We will continue to work with residents living adjacent to the rail line to manage construction impacts.

What’s next?

When trains return in June, they’ll be running on the temporary tracks, meaning work on the new rail line can move ahead.

Piling works will continue, which will improve ground conditions and create foundations for the new structure and embankments.

In preparation for the bridge beams, concrete supports will be built and work on the embankments will start.

There will be further utility service relocations around the level crossing area, which will mean some localised lane closures, and works on rail electrical systems.

Please use caution around any construction works. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are asked to observe all traffic management signs in the area.

Site investigations

As part of the project, ground condition investigations will be taking place over the coming weeks near the intersection of Wells Road and Klauer Street, on parts of the Frankston Freeway, and at Kananook station car park.

Most of the works will take place during the day, although there may be some night works required. We will notify residents and road users in advance about these site investigations and potential impacts.

Temporary track in Seaford

Temporary rail line

One of the benefits of the hybrid design for Seaford Road is the ability to build a temporary rail line, meaning we can construct the new rail line while trains continue to run next to our construction site.

This means we can continue our works to remove the Seaford Road level crossing with less future disruptions for commuters.

The temporary line has been built on the western side of the existing tracks, running from the end of the Seaford station car park through to Govan Street.

The existing tracks were used to build the temporary rail line, with new sleepers and overhead framework installed.

We expect to have the Seaford Road level crossing removed, and trains running on the new rail line, by the end of 2018.

Fauna relocation and nesting boxes

As part of tree and vegetation removal on the project, we’re working alongside flora and fauna specialists to ensure the protection and safe relocation of wildlife.

La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary has designed and made nesting boxes which will house fauna such as possums, parrots and microbats. Our ecologists installed 10 boxes in May, with more to come.

Fauna will be relocated to a large area of bushland adjacent to the Seaford Road Level Crossing Project works.

Nesting box installation in Seaford

Car parking

Additional parking is available near Seaford and Carrum stations while we continue our works during the rail shutdown.

Commuters can use all-day unmetered car spaces at the Seaford North Reserve car park on Railway Parade. At Carrum, there is a section of all-day unmetered parking at the southern end of the foreshore.

Please observe signs at both locations to see which car spaces are all-day parking.

Pedestrian access

As works continue, pedestrian access over the level crossing has changed. There will be no pedestrian access on the southern side of Seaford Road. Access will be maintained on the northern side. Signage will be in place and traffic controllers on hand to ensure safe crossing. Once the project is completed, pedestrian access will be reinstated on both sides of the road.

Site briefings

We are holding regular site briefings for the community to hear from our engineers about how the project is progressing, to ask questions and find out what's next on the timeline.

Sign up to our email updates to be kept informed of upcoming briefings.

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