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Seaford Community Update – December 2017

19 Dec 2017

Construction starting in Seaford

The Victorian Government is removing 13 dangerous level crossings on the Frankston line and building a new train storage facility, to improve safety, reduce congestion and run more trains, more often.

Construction to remove the Seaford Road, Seaford level crossing will begin in early 2018. The level crossing will be removed by 2018 and the project will be completed in 2019.

This project will reduce traffic delays and improve safety.

Community feedback has shaped the revised designs and we will continue to seek your ideas for the $10 million revitalisation, including upgrades to R.F. Miles Reserve.

Work to remove level crossings on the Frankston line is well underway. Three are already gone, Skye/Overton Road, Frankston is under construction and work is starting in Seaford and Carrum.

Benefits of the design

The hybrid solution involves lowering Seaford Road by about 1.5 metres and placing the rail line onto a planted embankment.

We heard that the local environment is important to the Seaford community. Through implementing a hybrid design we've been able to avoid impacts on groundwater flows in the area.

This means that the sensitive plant and wildlife of the nearby, internationally-significant wetlands and Kananook Creek will be protected.

As part of the design, the Seaford Road streetscape will be upgraded with new walking and cycling paths and landscaping.

Community feedback provided earlier this year has been vital to shaping the design.

$10 million revitalisation

In addition to removing the level crossing and improving traffic flow, Seaford will benefit from a package of revitalisation works.

Safer connections

A new cycling and walking path stretching from Eel Race Road, past Seaford Station through to R.F. Miles Reserve and on to Frankston.

A new pedestrian crossing on Railway Parade, between Johnstone Street and Weatherston Road will connect to R.F. Miles Reserve via new open public space under the rail line.

Upgrades to R.F. Miles Reserve

Key proposed elements include a new playground, nature play areas, picnic facilities and improvements to the oval. Tree planting, lawn seating terraces and improvements to car parking are also planned.

How you can help transform Seaford

Building on the feedback already received, now is the time to decide what's included in the revitalisation.

We want your feedback on:

  • how you want to use the community space
  • streetscaping and landscaping
  • walking and cycling connections.

You’ll have the opportunity to contribute your ideas in early 2018 via:

  • community forums and workshops
  • our online engagement hub
  • your Seaford Community Reference Group members.

Community Reference Group

We’ve formed a reference group of residents and representatives from local community groups to help shape the revitalisation of Seaford.

Feedback and ideas from the community will be presented at the Group’s meetings as designs are developed.

For more information on the group and its members, visit our website at

Design features

  1. Seaford level crossing removed.
  2. Seaford road lowered and the rail line placed on a landscaped embankment. The design solution avoids any impacts on the Edithvale-Seaford wetlands and Kananook Creek.
  3. Planted embankments with native trees and bushes.
  4. Upgrades to car parking.
  5. New landscaping, seating, lighting, paths, play and community areas.
  6. New cycling and walking path from Seaford Station to Frankston.
  7. New signalised pedestrian crossing.
  8. New open public space connecting to R.F. Miles Reserve.
  9. Upgraded, signalised pedestrian crossing.
  10. Project timeline

    Early 2018

    Construction starts to remove the Seaford Road level crossing.

    Late 2018

    Seaford Road level crossing removed.


    Seaford Road project complete.

    Mid 2019

    Construction of Kananook Train Storage Facility starts.

    Late 2020

    Kananook Train Storage Facility complete.

    Why we are removing this level crossing


    Removing the level crossing will reduce risk for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists by separating the road from trains.


    Boom gates are down at Seaford Road for more than half an hour in the morning peak, and cause delay for the 17,000 drivers using Seaford Road every day.

    Kananook Train Storage Facility

    As part of the Frankston Line level crossing removals, we’re building a purpose-built facility close to Kananook Station on the corner of Miles Grove and Wells Road, to service the line as demand continues to grow.

    Moving to the larger facility at Kananook will allow us to relocate the six train storage tracks that are currently at Carrum. It will also provide space for at least three times more storage in the future. This allows for more trains, more often, following the completion of the Metro Tunnel.

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