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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Robinsons Road, Deer Park community update – July 2020

13 Jul 2020

We're removing another dangerous level crossing

The Victorian Government has fast tracked the removal of the dangerous and congested level crossing at Robinsons Road, Deer Park.

A road underpass is the confirmed design for the project, which is set for completion by 2023.

Two other crossings at Fitzgerald Road in Ardeer and Mt Derrimut Road in Deer Park will also be removed along the Geelong and Ballarat lines.

The boom gates in Deer Park can be down for up to 45 per cent of the morning peak, when up to 37 trains run through the crossings. There has been one serious collision at these sites since 2005, and 18 near misses since 2012.

The Robinsons Road underpass will provide significant benefits to the community, including reduced travel times, better local connections and easier access to services.

It will improve traffic flow, allow for more regional train services in the future and make travel safer for pedestrians, cyclist and drivers. Less congestion will also mean more efficient freight movement through the area.

Construction will start in early 2021 at both Robinsons Road and Fitzgerald Road, which will also be removed by 2023.

Road underpass at Robinsons Road, Deer Park.

Preparing for the future

The level crossing at Mt Derrimut Road will be removed by 2025, allowing Mt Derrimut Road to be used as a detour route during construction at Fitzgerald and Robinsons roads.

Why the Robinsons Road level crossing needs to go

  • Improved safety for pedestrians and road users
  • A more reliable road network
  • Stimulates economic growth by creating hundreds of jobs
  • Better connections and travel times
  • Opportunities for future transport upgrades

Why a road under rail?

Each level crossing has unique characteristics that help determine the most suitable way to remove it.

There are four designs for removing a level crossing:

  • rail over road
  • rail under road
  • road over rail
  • road under rail

A hybrid design can also be considered in addition to these four basic designs.

The road under rail option was chosen for Robinsons Road because it allows for future improvements to the transport network and has a shorter construction timeframe than other designs, with less impact on train services for commuters.

The shorter construction timeframe will also mean less disruption for local businesses. The project team will work with nearby residents and traders to manage any impacts while the road underpass is built.

Map of proposed changes at Robinsons Road

Understanding the site

We’ve already undertaken some preliminary works in the area, including:

  • Geotechnical investigations: testing water and ground conditions
  • Service investigations: locating water, sewerage, electricity, gas, and telecommunication service pipes.
  • Survey investigations: identifying local topography and landmarks.
  • Environmental studies: investigating local flora, fauna, and nearby environmental features.
  • Noise assessment: measuring existing noise levels along the rail lines and surrounding area.

Further investigations are needed to refine the technical aspects of the road underpass design. You may notice some machinery and workers in the area while this is happening.

Planning approvals

Planning approval for this project will proceed under Clause 52.03 – Level Crossing Removal Project of the Brimbank Planning Scheme and Melton Planning Scheme.

We are seeking community feedback on a range of planning matters, including:

  • Construction-related impacts;
  • Environmental impacts;
  • Amenity impacts;
  • Native vegetation; and
  • Heritage.

The consultation period is now open, and we would like to provide you with the chance to formally submit your feedback.

All feedback received will be included in a public consultation summary report. This report will inform the Minister for Planning’s assessment of the project under Clause 52.03.

Planning submissions can be made online at Engage Victoria until 5pm Friday 7 August. If you would like a hard copy submission form sent to you, please contact us on 1800 105 105 or email us at contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au.

Road underpass at Robinsons Road, Deer Park.

Health and safety update

The health and safety of our workers and community is our key priority as we continue works on Robinsons Road.

Find out about the new measures in place on our projects.

For information about coronavirus, visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au

Leave your feedback online

Help us achieve the best outcome for Deer Park by sharing your thoughts on selected parts of the design, including landscaping, walking and cycling connections and finishes to be used on the road underpass.

While there are some site constraints that will influence the final design, we want to know what you value about the local area and how you move around it.

Visit us online at Engage Victoria to learn more and provide your feedback by 5pm Friday 7 August.

Project timeline

2019 to 2020
  • Site investigations
  • Design solution confirmed
Mid 2020
  • Community engagement on selected parts of the project design
Mid to late 2020
  • Further site investigations
  • Service relocations
  • Finalise design
Early 2021
  • Construction starts
  • Level crossing removed

*Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

Who we are

The Level Crossing Removal Project was established by the Victorian Government to oversee one of the largest rail infrastructure projects in the state's history.

We are part of the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and our projects fall under Victoria's Big Build.

Central to the project is the elimination of 75 level crossings across metropolitan Melbourne by 2025, in addition to other rail network upgrades such as new rail stations, track duplication and train stabling yards.

View the PDF version of this community update PDF, 461.1 KB.

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