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Reservoir level crossing removal project – Frequently asked questions

26 Sep 2018

  • Why have you decided on a rail bridge design for the removal of the Reservoir level crossing?
    • After a detailed options assessment, it has been decided that the dangerous level crossing at Reservoir will be removed with a rail bridge over High Street.

      Early works have commenced, which includes site establishment and further investigations to finalise the design.

      The elevated rail design will create better connections for pedestrians and cyclists, and opportunities for new public open space and future transport improvements. A new and modern Reservoir Station will also be built as part of the project.

  • What are the benefits of building a rail bridge rather than a rail trench?
    • Some of the benefits of an elevated rail design include:

      • Less disruption to residents, road users and commuters
      • Better pedestrian and cycling connections under the new rail bridge
      • Opportunities for public open space
      • Future opportunities for enhancement of the local road network.
  • What consultation has taken place to date?
    • Community consultation is a key part of this project. Over the past 18 months we have sought community feedback and kept people informed through a variety of measures.

      Since the project was announced we have had:

      • 678 people at our community sessions
      • 745 feedback submissions
      • 12 pop-ups at Reservoir Station and around the local area

      We have also:

      • Reached 151,530 on social media
      • Had 24,751 website visits.
  • How long and high is the proposed rail bridge?
    • The bridge will be approximately 1km long. The rail bridge needs to provide 5.4m clearance over the road, the rail bridge structure will then rise 2.2m above this taking the bridge to 7.6m.

      Due to the proposed structure type (U Trough), the train will sit partially inside this structure, with the train protruding out of the top. This will take the full height of the rail bridge to approximately 9.6m.

  • What does start of construction comprise?
    • Start of works include site establishment and investigation activities like geotechnical assessment and relocation of utilities.

      Major works will include the removal of the level crossing and construction of the new station.

  • What will be included in the design for the new Reservoir Station?
    • The new Reservoir station will include:

      • Above ground platforms with access via stairs and lifts
      • A new station forecourt accessible from either side of the station plaza
      • New bicycle paths and safer walkways for enhanced pedestrian access
      • Safer waiting areas, better lighting, CCTV cameras and toilets.
  • When will construction begin on the level crossing removal?
    • Construction for the Reservoir level crossing removal is already underway. This includes site establishment and further investigations to finalise the design.

      We’ll keep the community up-to-date on project progress and expected disruptions.

  • When will you release the final design?
    • We will be engaging with the local community in the coming weeks to get their ideas on design elements for the upgraded station precinct.

      Following our discussions, we will review feedback and release updated precinct designs in 2019.

  • When will the project be completed?
    • The project is due to be completed by 2020.

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