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Reservoir community update - September 2018

26 Sep 2018

We’re making it easier and safer to get around Reservoir

We’re getting rid of the dangerous and congested level crossing at High Street, and building a new and modern Reservoir Station.

The level crossing a Reservoir will be replaced with a rail bridge over High Street, creating better connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, and opportunities for new open spaces.

The boom gates at High Street are down for 24 minutes during the two-hour morning peak. Getting rid of them will reduce congestion and improve safety for the 36,000 vehicles that travel through the level crossing each day.

Now that we’ve announced the solution to remove the level crossing, in the coming weeks you’ll have the chance to share your ideas for the station precinct by joining the conversation online or attending pop-up sessions.

Design render for the new Reservoir Station

The design solution

During engagement activities in 2016 and 2017, we heard your requests for an upgraded and safer station precinct and better connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

An elevated rail design will be constructed as part of the project. This will provide the greatest overall benefit to the local community by reducing congestion, improving traffic flow and connecting the two sides of the Reservoir activity centre.

This innovative design creates better connections for pedestrians and cyclists under the rail bridge, as well as opportunities for new open space and future transport improvements.

Removing this level crossing is the first step in improving the complex intersection at Reservoir. The elevated rail design creates more usable space, which could be used to reconfigure the road in future.

The new Reservoir Station will include:

  • Above ground platforms with access via stairs and lifts
  • A new station forecourt accessible from either side of the station
  • New bicycle paths and safer walkways for enhanced pedestrian access
  • Safer waiting areas, better lighting, CCTV cameras and toilets.

We’ll build a new station, as well as a new public plaza and walkways to connect pedestrians and cyclists between Edwardes Street and Broadway.

Benefits of an elevated rail design

Less disruption

Parts of the rail bridge will be built offline while trains are continuing to operate. This will minimise disruption for commuters and the community, as fewer rail closures will be required.

Improved safety

The elevated rail design removes a dangerous and congested level crossing, providing safer movement for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, and increasing safety for the whole community.

Look and feel

The ‘look and feel’ of the rail bridge and new station is important to the local community. We have engaged with urban designers and architects to develop a modern design for Reservoir, with an iconic architectural station canopy and sleek elevated rail structure that will help conceal the trains.

Better connectivity

The elevated rail design allows for the creation of new pedestrian and cycling paths under tha rail bridge, which will connect the two sides of Reservoir’s activity centre. As part of the project, we’ll create a new pedestrian plaza.

Future opportunities

You told us you want improved transport connections. We’ve taken your feedback onboard and the rail bridge has been carefully designed to make sure that future road network improvements and tram connections are possible. The elevated rail design also allows for the removal of nearby level crossings in the future, as it’s easier, less disruptive and more cost-effective to add to an existing bridge structure.

Open space

Raising the rail line over the road will offer the opportunity to develop public spaces below and beside the rail bridge. These spaces could include walking and cycling paths, landscaping and open paths.

Since the project was announced, we have had…

  • 678 people at our community sessions
  • 12 pop-ups at Reservoir Station and around the local area
  • 24,751 website visits
  • 745 feedback submissions
  • 151,530 reached on social media
  • 10,800 Engagement HQ visits

Design render of the canopy at Reservoir Station

Next steps

Community engagement

We will be engaging with the community in the coming weeks to get your ideas on the look and feel of the upgraded station precinct. Join us in person or online to learn more and share your thoughts.


We will be popping up at Reservoir Station and the shopping strip to hear your views. Check for further details.


Head to our online engagement job at to view the design and complete a feedback form.

Precinct designs

Following our discussions with the community, we will review your feedback and release updated precinct designs in early 2019.

Works underway

Construction for the Reservoir level crossing removal has already begun and includes sit establishment, geotechnical investigations and the relocation of services.

Major construction is due to commence in early 2019. We’ll keep the community up-to-date on project progress and expected disruptions. Project completion is expected in 2020.

To keep up-to-date on the project as it develops, subscribe to email updates.

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