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High Street, Reservoir Community Update – January 2019

24 Jan 2019

Artist's impression of Reservoir Station from Spring Street.

Image: Artist's impression of Reservoir Station from Spring Street.

Construction on your new Reservoir Station precinct now underway

Since October 2018, we have been working hard to prepare for major construction to remove the Reservoir level crossing and build a brand new Reservoir Station.

We have been relocating services and carrying out investigations to develop our designs.

We have begun to establish our work site at Reservoir Station. A large area is required to carry out a project of this size and complexity.

To set up this area we have removed station parking facilities, we will relocate the bus interchange and make minor changes to traffic, cycling and footpath arrangements.

This means there will be changes to the way you move around Reservoir until the project is complete in 2020.

Read on to know more about these changes. To stay up to date you can register for project updates at

Changes to how you move around Reservoir

Reservoir Station will be a major construction site with temporary station buildings, site facilities and construction equipment stored in the area. Throughout construction there will be changes to the way you travel in the area.

Station car parking

To accommodate the construction site, all rail passenger car parks at Reservoir Station will be closed until early 2020.

To make sure those who need to drive to the station can easily get a park, we're creating nearly 400 extra car parking spaces in the Reservoir Station precinct and at nearby stations.

You'll find extra spaces:

  • along Macartney Street (50 spaces)
  • along Cheddar Road (46 spaces)
  • at Moreland Station on the Upfield line, on Cameron Street (100 spaces)
  • at Keon Park Station (80 spaces)
  • at Regent Station, from the end of March (90 spaces).

Please make sure you obey parking signage and restrictions in local streets.

Traffic changes

To allow for the construction of the rail bridge, Macartney Street northbound will be closed between Cheddar Road and Sutton Street until early 2020.

The footpath on the western side of Macartney Street will also be closed during this time, but both cars and pedestrians will be able to travel southbound (towards the station).

Pedestrian and cycling changes

The shared user path along Cheddar Road will remain open during construction. However, the Parkiteer bike lockers and hoops at Reservoir Station will be relocated close to temporary station facilities from late February.

Bus stop relocations

The bus interchange at Reservoir Station will close on 27 January 2019. Temporary bus stop relocations will be established on Broadway, High Street, Spring Street and Cheddar Road.

Artist's impression of Reservoir Station entry.

Image: Artist's impression of Reservoir Station entry.

Reservoir design – community feedback

The community feedback we received through surveys and pop ups around Reservoir has been invaluable as we work towards refining the project design. Here’s a summary of how key community feedback is being reflected in the design.

We heard that making sure it is easy and safe to move through the precinct is a high priority.

To address these preferences, station buildings will be positioned with safety in mind, increasing

visibility across the plaza and open spaces.

Directional signage will be installed throughout the station precinct to help people navigate between train and bus services and nearby community facilities. The precinct will also be lit and visible at all times.

For the look of the precinct, a green and leafy design was the most popular, followed by cool and shady. We also heard that the community would like to see a combination of materials used in the station structure.

The designs will provide a variety of landscapes around the station precinct, with deciduous and evergreen trees, low lying plants and grasses to help to regulate shade and temperature all year round.

The Reservoir Station precinct will include polished concrete, brick and concrete pavers, compacted granite gravel and stainless steel.

The design also uses vegetation, anti-graffiti coatings and passive surveillance to deter graffiti.

Artist's impression of Reservoir Station — aerial view from Broadway side.

Image: Artist's impression of Reservoir Station – aerial view from Broadway side.

Open for business

All your favourite local shops and services are open as usual.

There may be some changes to how you get to your favourite local shops at times, but they are still open for business throughout the project.

We will be working closely with the local cafes, fashion boutiques, supermarkets and professional services in Reservoir throughout construction to ensure we maintain access and minimise disruptions as much as possible.

Keep an eye out for some exciting local shopping incentives coming your way while we work to remove the level crossing and create a better-connected Reservoir.

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