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Preston open space constraints and considerations

07 Dec 2020

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By raising the rail over Murray Road, Cramer Street, Bell Street and Oakover Road to remove the dangerous and congested level crossings, the Preston Level Crossing Removal project will create substantial new open spaces for Preston locals to enjoy.

The Preston Open Space Advisory Panel (POSAP) was formed to help shape three areas of open space. These areas were identified where POSAP could have the most influence to create spaces designed by locals for locals. It is important to note that the project area presents its own challenges.

There are a number of considerations and constraints we needed to account for in developing the design for the open space as part of the Preston Level Crossing Removal Project.

Functional elements

One of the key considerations for the open space areas is the location of the underground combine services route (CSR). This includes utility, signalling and power to safely operate the trains. The CSR will predominantly be located on the west side of the project area and will need access points for maintenance and monitoring along the length of the rail corridor.

Stairs are required at various points along the rail bridge to access to the rail line for monitoring and maintenance plus providing emergency access in the event of a fire. The stairs will not be accessible by the public.

Surface water and flood management

The rail line in its existing location mitigates flooding in the event of heavy rain. The rail track acts as an embankment, helping direct water movement through the area. To replicate these conditions the project design includes drainage basins and swales. These are critical design elements helping to control water movement in the area when raising the rail line and creating new open spaces.

The location of the shared walking and cycling path under the rail bridge provides a secondary function, acting as a barrier for water movement.

Miller street tramway bridge

Miller Street tramway bridge is the only dedicated tramway bridge in Melbourne and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Database for its historical value. Due to its historical significance in Victoria the project team will not be making any changes Miller Street tramway bridge.

Car parking

Maintaining on street car parking on Railway Way Place East, south of Oakover Road and Edith Street, between Bruce Street and Cramer Street.

VicTrack land

The land on the west side of Bell Station, between Oakover Road and Bell Street, is owned by VicTrack. We’re working closely with VicTrack who has allowed us to use some of their land during construction. This will allow us enough space to build the elevated structure efficiently and safely. This land is not designated to the Project, and therefore cannot be considered in the design.

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