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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Pakenham community update – December 2020

02 Dec 2020

Pakenham to be level crossing free by 2023/24

The Victorian Government is removing 17 level crossings, as part of a $15 billion investment to upgrade the Pakenham line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

We will remove the dangerous and congested level crossings at McGregor Road, Main Street and Racecourse Road in Pakenham and build a new Pakenham Station.

We will also build a new station at Pakenham East and extend the metropolitan railway track by 2km. Currently, Pakenham is a major bottleneck where V/Line and Metro trains merge onto shared tracks, and V/Line trains are often delayed behind Metro trains turning around at the end of the line. Pakenham East will include separate turnback tracks for Metro trains, and dedicated V/Line tracks – avoiding this congestion and improving service reliability.

The new Pakenham East Station and tracks will future-proof the Pakenham and Gippsland lines, allowing more services to be added in the future.

The three level crossings will be removed by raising the rail line over the roads which will improve safety and reduce congestion as well as introducing new community spaces for locals to enjoy.

Together with the removal of the level crossing at Cardinia Road which is nearing completion, this will mean no more boom gates in Pakenham.

As we continue to develop our plans, we want to hear what's important to the Pakenham community and what locals would like to see delivered as part of the project. See the back page for details.

Construction will begin in mid 2021 with the boom gates gone in 2023/24 and the new stations complete in 2024.

Why the level crossings need to go

  • 63,000 vehicles use these crossings each day
  • Boom gates are down for up to 30 per cent of the morning peak
  • 170 Metro and V/Line passenger trains pass through the level crossings daily
  • 90,000 passengers use the Cranbourne – Pakenham line per day

Level crossing at Main Street, Pakenham with a train passing through.

Level crossing at Main Street, Pakenham

Pakenham Level Crossing Removal Project

Map showing proposed elevated rail over raod from McGregor Road to Racecourse Road, a new Pakenham Station, new open space under the elevated structure, two new electrified tracks and a new Pakenham East station.

What we're delivering

New Pakenham Station

We’ll build a new Pakenham Station, providing better connections between metropolitan and regional train services along with upgraded facilities and improved security.

New Pakenham East Station

By building a new Pakenham East Station, we will be removing the bottleneck of metropolitan and regional train services.

More community spaces

By elevating the rail, we’ll create new community spaces where locals can eat, play and relax.

Improved connections

Locals can look forward to new cross-corridor walking and cycling connections between McGregor and Racecourse roads, as well as easier transport connections between trains and buses.

How are we removing these level crossings?

Technical investigations have found that an elevated rail line is the best solution and will reduce disruption to commuters and the community. This will also create new open space under the rail line for the community to use.

The new elevated rail line will begin just before McGregor Road and will return to ground level just past Racecourse Road.

There will be 2km of new track at the new Pakenham East Station which will remove the bottleneck of metropolitan and regional train services.

Detailed engineering and design work will continue, and we’ll share further information with the community in early 2021.

Example of an elevated rail line at Skye/Overton Road

Example of an elevated rail line at Skye/Overton Road

Benefits of the new Pakenham East Station

  • Improves timetable reliability for metropolitan and regional train services
  • Provides capacity for more reliable services for regional passengers
  • Preparing the network for improved rail services in the future

Have your say

What are your priorities for the local area? What would you like to see delivered as part of the project?

This is your chance to tell us how you move around your neighbourhood, what’s unique to the area and what might make it even better.

You can share your views with us via our online engagement hub at bigbuild.engage.vic.gov.au/lxrp-pakenham until 16 December 2020.

Stay up to date with the project at levelcrossings.vic.gov.au.

Site Investigations

To further refine the technical aspects of the rail over road design, the project team will be continuing investigations in the area.

This work will include site surveys, locating utility services as well as testing water and ground conditions. You may notice some machinery and workers in the area while this is happening. We’ll be notifying nearby residents and businesses ahead of any works.

If you’d like to stay up to date about any upcoming works, you can sign up to email updates for the project.

You can also register for SMS updates by texting PAKENHAM to 0428 581 917.

Working with local traders

We're committed to working with local traders during works to remove the level crossings and build a new Pakenham Station.

To help us support local traders during the project, we have created a Pakenham local business survey.

Visit bigbuild.engage.vic.gov.au/lxrp-pakenham to complete the survey

Community consultation

The insights we gather from the community will be fed back into the project team.

In early 2021, we will back out in the community to ask for further feedback which will help us refine aspects of the project, including the look and feel of the station precinct and the open space underneath the elevated rail line.

Along with our technical investigations, we'll use your feedback to further progress the design for the project.

Before major works begin in mid 2021, we will share concept designs and show how community feedback has been incorporated.

Level crossing at McGregor Road, Pakenham with a train passing through.

Level crossing at McGregor Road, Pakenham

Project timeline

  • Site investigations
  • Technical and engineering assessments
  • Community engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Confirm design
  • Further engineering investigations
  • Concept designs
  • Design finalised
  • Construction begins
  • Construction
  • Boom gates gone
  • Stations complete
  • Community spaces open for locals to enjoy

Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

View the PDF version of this community update PDF, 581.7 KB.

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