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North Western Program Alliance - Community relations charter

10 May 2018

Our commitment to you

The North Western Program Alliance is committed to engaging the community by building understanding, trust and confidence in our program solutions and the delivery process by way of open and transparent communication based on mutual respect.

What you can expect from us

The North Western Program Alliance encourages the local community to communicate directly with our community relations team through a 24-hour hotline and our onsite Info Hubs to obtain information, discuss concerns and work to resolve issues in a timely manner.

We will ensure active, ongoing and timely communications with the local community by:

  • Communicating in an open, transparent and timely manner about the delivery process
  • Implementing strategies to minimise construction impacts on the local community
  • Informing the local community of project scope and benefits
  • Giving advance notice to the local community of planned works
  • Providing the local community with opportunities to discuss concerns and potential issues
  • Responding promptly to community enquiries.

Our pledge to respond to your enquiries

We will:

  • Respond to your telephone enquiries quickly and efficiently
  • Acknowledge or reply to your written communications promptly
  • Identify the need for provision of translation and interpreting services
  • Meet agreed deadlines for the completion of your requests.

Evaluation of our performance

We are committed to continually monitoring and improving our performance. We will:

  • Review and evaluate feedback from the local community
  • Use local community feedback to improve communication and community engagement.

Endorsed by Ben Ryan, Alliance Manager

North Western Program Alliance

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