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New Montmorency station precinct fact sheet

25 Mar 2021

Updated Thursday 25 March 2021

The Victorian Government is investing $530 million in the second stage of the Hurstbridge Line duplication that will deliver further improvements, including more train services, less crowding on peak trains and better connections to public transport in Melbourne’s north east.

Works include building new modern stations at Greensborough and Montmorency, and duplicating the rail track between Greensborough and Montmorency and between Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen, to allow more trains to run with fewer delays.

Montmorency Station and car park.

New station precinct features

  • Improved station facilities and more lighting creating a safer station precinct
  • Safer, straight platforms
  • More weather protection on both platforms
  • Improved access to the station for passengers from Mayona Road
  • 30 additional commuter car parks on Station Road
  • Better all-abilities access and parking
  • Over 700 trees, and 15,000 plants, shrubs and grasses to be planted in the station precinct

Montmorency station precinct

The new Montmorency Station will remain in the heart of Montmorency Village with the main entrance and a new pedestrian crossing aligning with Were Street.

The main entrance to the new Montmorency Station will be less than 30 metres from its current location. Two new platforms will be built to accommodate the duplicated tracks which will enable more trains on the Hurstbridge line. The new platforms will be less than 100 metres west of the current platform.

A new pedestrian crossing will create a safer and seamless connection from Were Street to Mayona Road near the new station entrance. There will also be more bike parking on both sides of the station.

Map of the Montmorency Station precinct, including car parking, landscaping, and main station entrance.

Map contrasting toe existing station entrance, pedestrian crossing and platform at Montmorency with the new platform, crossing and entry to the west.

Car Parking

The existing car parking in the Montmorency Station precinct is being reconfigured, with more car spaces, dedicated disability permit parking, and easier access.

A new, dedicated off-street car park will be built on the Mayona Road side of the rail corridor, providing 55 commuter car spaces. Passengers with a disability will also have access to clearly marked permit parking on Mayona Road and Binns Street.

There will also be 30 additional commuter car spaces along Station Road, extending past Davey Road, in addition to the parking on the Station Road side of the rail corridor.

The reconfigured parking in and around the station precinct is in response to community feedback, and will ease congestion on local streets, improve traffic flow and give commuters clearer parking options.

The new parking area will be accessed from Mountain View Road from the east, with the exit at the western end of the station precinct.

More than 700 trees and 15,000 shrubs, plants and grasses will be planted in the station precinct. Landscaping and pathways will maintain the village feel of Montmorency and improve all-abilities access around the station precinct and to the Were Street shopping area.

Why a new station?

During 12 months of technical and engineering assessments, we identified some challenges to upgrading the existing Montmorency Station in its current location.

The hilly terrain, curved track and platforms, and fitting a second track into the narrow rail corridor, all mean the best solution to delivering more trains on the Hurstbridge line and improving the Montmorency Station precinct is to build a new station.

Curved tracks slow down trains, obscure sightlines for train drivers and create large gaps between the train and the platform, making wheelchair access more difficult, increasing the risk of trips and falls and potentially trapping limbs or objects such as scooters and prams.

To meet modern accessibility and safety standards, the new platforms must be built on a straight section of track.

To do this we’re straightening out the curve in the rail and building the new platforms slightly to the west.

With a new entrance less than 30 metres away from the existing entrance on Were Street, the new straight platforms overlap with the current platform. This design means significantly less vegetation removal, and will reduce other environmental and construction impacts.

The new station precinct layout will make the Were Street shopping strip directly accessible to residents on the north side of the rail corridor.

Passengers living on the north side will have better access to the station from the new Mayona Road entrance, as well as improved parking options.

Station Facilities

Each station location has its own unique site constraints which guide where we locate the station and associated facilities.

There are various facilities which need to be accommodated for the day-to-day operation of the station. These include electrical and switchboard equipment rooms, storage rooms, cleaning and waste rooms and a Protective Services Officer facility.

These facilities will be located on the Mayona Road side of the rail corridor. Both platforms will have a ticket machine.

Train at Montmorency Station platform.

Project timeline

Mid - Late 2019
  • Site investigations
  • Community consultation

Early 2020

  • Site investigations
  • Planning consultation

Late 2020

  • Community consultation
  • Station precinct designs announced
  • Enabling works begin
  • Final designs announce
  • Construction begins
  • Works complete

Timeline above subject to change

View the PDF version of this fact sheet PDF, 9.0 MB.

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