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New Montmorency Station fact sheet

09 Feb 2021

The Victorian Government is investing $530 million in the second stage of the Hurstbridge Line Duplication that will deliver further improvements, including more train services, less crowding on peak trains and better connections to public transport in Melbourne’s north east.

The station will remain in the heart of Montmorency village and will improve connections around the area.

We’ve developed a design for Montmorency Station that not only reflects the character of the local

area but more importantly, factors in what you told us was important.

We heard strong preferences for a minimalist design that blends into the local environment with low visual impact, native vegetation and use of natural materials.

We also heard the community wanted improved facilities with better all abilities access and more weather protection.

More Trains More Often

  • Every 7 minutes from Greensborough
  • Every 10 minutes from Montmorency and Eltham
  • Every 20 minutes from Diamond Creek, Wattle Glen and Hurstbridge
  • Two additional services from Hurstbridge
  • Five additional services on the Mernda line

Montmorency Station entry. Artist impression only. Subject to change.

New Montmorency Station entrance – artist impression only.

We heard what you wanted in your new Montmorency Station

Community feedback has been integral in the design of Montmorency Station and has resulted in a minimalist design,

incorporating native vegetation, updated facilities, all-abilities access and more weather protection.

Passengers can look forward to:

  • safer, straight platforms that eliminate the gap between the train and platform
  • improved station facilities with canopies on both platforms to give greater weather protection
  • ticket machines on both platforms
  • better station access, with entrances on both sides of the rail line
  • sustainability features including solar panels and a rainwater tank
  • new safe and secure bike storage plus more bike hoops outside the station
  • all-abilities access and parking
  • 30 extra car spaces in the station precinct as part of the Car Park for Commuters program
  • Station entrance in the heart of Montmorency Village.

Vegetation is important to the community, so landscaping and pathways will maintain the village feel of Montmorency, with more than 700 trees and 15,000 plants, shrubs and grasses to be planted in the new precinct to extend the bushland feel of the area.

Montmorency Station. Artist impression only. Subject to change.

Canopies on both platforms will give passengers protection from the weather – artist impression only.

Safer for everyone

The two new platforms will shift around 100 metres west because modern safety and accessibility standards require all new platforms to be on a straight section of track.

Both platforms will have an entry forecourt, with the main entrance on the Station Road side, and canopies for protection from the weather. Each platform will have a ticket machine.

The second platform on the Mayona Road side means there will now be a station entrance on both sides of the rail line, giving passengers better access to the station and Montmorency village.

The new, safer at-grade pedestrian crossing from Mayona Road will also align with Were Street, making it easier to get to the shops. The pedestrian crossing will have an automated safety gate, with magnetic latch and warning bells that sound when a train is approaching.

There will be 30 additional passenger car parks in and around the station, giving passengers more parking options. Passengers with a disability will have access to clearly marked parking close to the station entrances.

Cycling to the station will be easier with a new secure bike storage facility, plus more bike hoops outside the station.

Safety is paramount at the new Montmorency Station with clear sight lines, no hidden corners, improved lighting and CCTV cameras around the station precinct.

What Montmorency told us

  • 48.9% more weather protection
  • 40.6% updated station facilities
  • 36% better connections
  • 33.8% better pedestrian access
  • 72.9% landscaping and vegetation

Montmorency Station crossover. Artist impression only. Subject to change.

Station landscaping – artist impression only.

Why we're building a new station

Hilly terrain, the curved track and platforms, and building a second track into the narrow rail corridor, all mean the best solution to delivering more trains on the Hurstbridge line and improving the Montmorency Station precinct is to build a new station that will meet the current and future needs of the Montmorency community.

There are various facilities which need to be accommodated for the day-to-day operation of the station. These include electrical and switchboard equipment rooms, storage rooms, cleaning and waste rooms and a Protective Services Officer facility. These facilities will be located on the Mayona Road side of the rail corridor.

The new station precinct will make the Were Street shopping strip directly accessible to residents on the north side of the rail corridor.

Passengers living on the north side will have better access to the station from the new Mayona Road entrance, as well as improved parking options.

Monmorency Station garden path. Artist impression only. Subject to change.

Includes ramps for easy access from Mayona Road – artist impression only.

Project timeline

  • Site investigations
  • Community consultation
Early 2020
  • Site investigations
  • Planning consultation
Late 2020
  • Community consultation
  • Station precinct layouts announced
  • Enabling works began
  • Station designs released
  • Construction begins
  • Works complete

*Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

View the PDF version of this fact sheet PDF, 3.5 MB.

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