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Diamond Creek fact sheet: New Energy Storage System

01 Jan 2017

To be able to make improvements to the network and power train services along the Hurstbridge line, a new Energy Storage System will be installed near existing rail infrastructure on VicTrack land in Diamond Creek.

What is an Energy Storage System and what will it be used for?

An Energy Storage System (ESS) acts as an 'off-grid' system where otherwise wasted electricity generated when a train brakes, is supplied back into the network.

Why do you need Energy Storage Systems and substations along the network?

Substations and Energy Storage Systems are integral to Melbourne’s train network. They convert and supply electricity to operate trains, signals and communication equipment.

In order to make improvements to the capacity of the network and increase its reliability, we need new electrical assets.

By undertaking these upgrades, more trains will be able to run, ensuring the network can cater for future growth.

Across the metropolitan rail network, rail infrastructure is being upgraded to provide more power for additional train services to run, particularly in the peak periods.

What is the size of the Energy Storage System?

The dimensions of the Energy Storage System will be as follows:

Length: 18.8 metres

Width: 5.6 metres

Height: 4.1 metres

NB: The Energy Storage System will sit on foundations that are approximately 1.2 metres high.

Why does the Energy Storage System need to be located in this specific location?

When investigating an appropriate location for the Diamond Creek Energy Storage System, a number of factors were taken into consideration, including:

  • Technical requirements
  • Impact on community facilities
  • Land availability
  • Impact on assets
  • Environmental impact.

How long will it take to build the Energy Storage System?

Construction will start in July 2018 and be completed later this year.

Will the Energy Storage System be noisy?

No. Energy Storage Systems have low noise emissions, only an air conditioning unit will emit noise.

Will the Energy Storage System affect my health and wellbeing?

No. There are no health concerns associated with an Energy Storage System.

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