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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

New Carrum Station fact sheet – August 2019

05 Aug 2019

The Level Crossing Removal Project is removing 18 level crossings and building 12 new stations as part of a $3 billion upgrade of the Frankston line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

Major works are underway in Carrum to remove three dangerous and congested level crossings, build a new direct connection between McLeod Road and Nepean Highway through to the beach and create four new community open spaces.

The new modern Carrum Station will make it safer and easier for locals to get to public transport, local shops and the beach.

A central island platform will connect Carrum Station’s main entrance at McLeod Road to a new second station entrance at Walkers Road. Each entrance will have lift and stair access to the station platform. The lift tower at the main entrance will also feature a periscope to bring bay views to the station.

Ground floor buildings at the new premium station will include a passenger waiting room, ticketing area, kiosk and public toilets.

Landscaping around the station as part of revitalisation works will create new open spaces for Carrum locals to enjoy throughout the year, including a station forecourt and station garden.

Improved parking, bike facilities and new walking and cycling connections will create more ways to get to the new Carrum Station.

The design is based on community feedback to enhance Carrum’s bayside village feel and respond to coastal weather conditions.

Carrum Station opens early 2020.

Artist impression of Carrum Station and town square. Subject to change.

New Carrum Station main entrance and town square - artist impression only.

Carrum Station's new features

Designed for coastal weather conditions

We heard protection from the elements including strong south east winds is a key priority for Carrum locals.

Glass weather protection pods on the station platform and wind screens at the platform entrances provide protection from strong winds. Two canopies will cover 60 per cent of the platform to provide sun and rain protection.

A climate-controlled waiting room at ground level with seating and accessible toilets provides additional shelter during the hotter and cooler months. Digital information screens in the waiting area mean passengers can see when the next train is arriving.

The station is also designed for passengers to enjoy uninterrupted bay views during good weather conditions or you can watch the storm clouds roll in from the periscope at the main station entrance.

Enhancing Carrum’s coastal look and feel

We heard enhancing the coastal character of the area is important to the community.

Materials have been chosen for durability and to enhance the coastal look and feel, with treated timber seating and bluestone and sandstone paving around the station forecourt. The coastal theme flows into Carrum’s new buildings in the foreshore park to connect the new spaces.

Car parking

Residents, commuters and local businesses told us how important car parking is.

All commuter car parking at the new Carrum Station will

now be centrally located under the rail bridge making it safer and easier to get to the station. Disability permit parking will be located at the station entrances. CCTV cameras and LED lighting in the station car park ensure people feel safe at all hours of the day.

A new car park in the village green creates dedicated short-term car parking for easy access to local shops, the beach and new foreshore park.

Walking and cycling

More bicycle facilities and improved walking and cycling paths provide more ways for locals and visitors to get to Carrum Station.

Bike hoops outside the station provide parking spaces for 54 bikes and a new Parkiteer cage provides safe and secure storage for 26 bikes.

A new shared path will run from Patterson River to Eel Race Road and and will link to the new six-kilometre shared path we’re delivering as part of the Seaford Road Level Crossing Removal Project.

More signalised walking and cycling connections across Nepean Highway and Station Street will provide safe access throughout Carrum.

Connections to local transport

The new station is designed to keep people moving and improve connections around the area.

Bus stops outside the station on Station Street create safer local bus connections and new kiss-and-ride and taxi zones enable easy pick up and drop off.

Trees and planting

More than 80,000 native and indigenous trees and plants will feature in Carrum’s four new community spaces as part of revitalisation works.

Dense planting throughout Carrum's new spaces will help create protection from strong winds and provide shade in the warmer summer months.

Carrum Station’s palm tree will return to take pride of place in the town square at the station’s main entrance. The tall Norfolk Island pine that stands in the site of the new foreshore park and a large, healthy coast banksia tree will be retained in their current locations.

Check out what species will be growing in your backyard in our trees and vegetation factsheet.

Artist impression of Carrum Station. Subject to change.
New Carrum Station - artist impression only.

Going green

Carrum Station’s got green ambitions as a leader in sustainability.

Designed for water and energy efficiency, sustainable features include rain water reuse, LED lighting in the station and car park, and environmentally certified materials to reduce green house gas emissions.

Find out more about Carrum Station's Green Star rating.

Upgrading the Frankston line

We're upgrading important rail infrastructure to improve train services along the Frankston line

More than 30 kilometres of new overhead wiring and structures and three new substations will provide a more reliable and stronger power source to improve train performance and reliability of services.

Nearly 60 per cent of old train signalling will be replaced with a modern computer-based system that will enable more trains to run more often.

A new train storage facility in Seaford will provide the essential daily services needed to keep Frankston line trains running on time. The facility also provides space for more trains in the future as demand for services grows.

A new signal maintenance facility is being built to enable routine and emergency maintenance works, minimising disruptions to train services.

Artist impression of Carrum Station platform. Subject to change.

Carrum Station platform canopy - artist impression only.

Project timeline

Early 2019
  • Relocation of rail communication cables
  • Relocation of services on Station Street and Nepean Highway
  • Ramp on Bonbeach side of Karrum Karrum Bridge open
  • Piling and overhead wiring structures installed for temporary track through Carrum
  • Ramp on Carrum side of Karrum Karrum Bridge open
  • Closure of car park at Carrum Station
  • Station Street level crossing closed
Mid 2019
  • Carrum Station closed and removed
  • Temporary track constructed and operating
  • Carrum train storage removed
  • Start piling (ground strengthening) for the rail bridge
Late 2019
  • Start installation of rail bridge piers
  • Start bridge beam installation
  • New Carrum Station construction begins
Early 2020
  • New Carrum Station opens
  • McLeod Road extension connecting Station Street to the Nepean Highway opens
  • Landscaping works start

* Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

Carrum Station main entrance and town square - artist impression only.


  • When will Carrum Station open?
    • So locals can easily access trains, Carrum Station will open to passengers in early 2020. Works will continue on platform facilities, ground floor buildings and landscaping.

  • What safety features are there?
    • The new Carrum Station is designed to Metro Trains Melbourne standards. There is CCTV on platforms, waiting areas and station entrances and facilities for Protective Services Officers. Clear sightlines and open and well-lit areas with LED lighting in the station and car park ensure people feel safe at all times.

  • What weather protection is there?
    • The new station has been designed in response to the coastal conditions and community feedback. The design includes:

      • Two canopies covering 60 per cent of the platform to provide sun and rain protection
      • glass weather pods along the platform and wind screens in lift exits and stairways to provide shelter from strong winds
      • a climate-controlled waiting area on ground level for shelter in the hotter and cooler months.
  • How do you know the design will work for coastal weather conditions?
    • Coastal weather conditions can be extreme, and it is difficult to design for all scenarios. We have done our best to review and consider weather studies, including wind and rain assessments to ensure the station is designed for the comfort of passengers all year round.

  • What about accessibility?
    • The new Carrum Station design meets Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and Australian design standards for access and mobility. The lifts to the platform at each station entrance are big enough to accommodate mobility scooters, wheelchairs and prams, and are run off a separate power supply.

      The new waiting room is located next to the ticket area for staff assistance, and includes accessible toilets and digital information screens. Disability permit parking, kiss-and-ride and taxi zones will be near station entrances.

  • How do I get to the platform if the lifts are broken?
    • The lifts in Carrum Station are connected to an emergency uninterrupted power supply so in the event of a power outage, or emergency - the lifts will always be operational to keep people moving.

  • Where is the parking for the new station?
    • Commuter parking at Carrum was previously spread out across different locations and stretched along Station Street towards Patterson River.

      All car parking will be located under the bridge at the new station, providing safer and easier access for commuters.

      We’re also providing more ways for locals and visitors to get to Carrum Station and around the area with new walking and cycling paths and more bike facilities.

Artist impression of Carrum Station platform. Subject to change.

Entrance to Carrum Station platform - artist impression only.

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