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Mernda train stabling yard

04 Jul 2018

Catering for more trains

The extension of the South Morang line to Mernda, and the addition of three new stations means a facility to park up to eight trains is required at the end of the rail line.

The Mernda train stabling yard is located within the rail corridor, north of Bridge Inn Road, and will allow more services to run on both the Mernda and Hurstbridge lines during peak service.

Without train storage facilities, trains need to travel long distances without passengers, reducing the number of timetabled train services that can operate across the network.

Image: Mernda train stabling yard during construction

What happens in the train stabling yard?

Train stabling yards are where trains are parked whilst not in operation. Typically, trains return to the stabling yard at the end of service and are stored until they are required again.

The train stabling yard in Mernda features:

  • A security fence around the perimeter
  • Four rows of tracks, with two trains parked on each row
  • Connection to the main train line
  • Overhead power supply for trains
  • Signalling and communication systems
  • CCTV and lighting
  • A substation to power trains
  • Operations and amenities facilities for train staff and drivers
  • Designated areas for staff car parking
  • Access roads and walkways.

What might I notice?

  • Up to eight trains stored in the facility at any given time
  • Statutory safety testing of train horns before scheduled services commence and sounded when exiting the yard
  • Internal light cleaning occurring at the end of daily scheduled services. Graffiti removal or external train wash activities will occur at purpose-built train maintenance and wash facilities elsewhere on the network
  • Train drivers and staff vehicles moving about
  • Air conditioning units running on hot nights
  • Mounted lights within the stabling yard, set back and directed away from residential properties to minimise light spill.

View our interactive map showing the location of the Mernda train stabling yard

Read the PDF print version of this fact sheet PDF, 1.6 MB

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