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Mernda Rail Project factsheet: Sustainability

15 Mar 2018

An artist impression of Mernda Station forecourt

The Mernda Rail Extension Project has incorporated sustainability into every aspect of the design, construction and future operation of the new rail line. This will reduce the impact of the project on the environment and will make the new infrastructure:

  • easier to use and maintain
  • capable of catering for population growth or changing demands
  • energy efficient.

What are our sustainability targets?

The Mernda Rail Extension Project is evaluated against the national Green Star and Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) guidelines. Green Star provides sustainability ratings for buildings throughout Australia, while ISCA focuses on the sustainability outcomes for infrastructure. The project has committed to reaching:

  • Four stars for the new stations
  • an ‘Excellent’ ISCA rating for the entire project.

How will the Mernda Rail Extension Project achieve sustainable outcomes?

Our design initiatives:

  • supplement a portion of the cement used in concrete with fly ash, which is a by-product of coal burning
  • reuse of basalt and timber removed from the project area in the stations
  • native vegetation planted at stations and along the rail corridor
  • rainwater harvesting to flush station toilets and wash down the new station platforms
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) to filter stormwater before it enters the local drains, allowing for the removal of pollutants from roads and carparks
  • energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting at the stations and along the rail corridor.

During construction we:

  • capture rainwater in retention dams along the corridor for dust suppression, use in concrete mixes, compaction and watering of project landscaping
  • educate our staff and workforce on climate change and our sustainability targets
  • engage with local schools about the importance of sustainability.

When the rail line is open:

  • people can use a dedicated walking and cycling path along the rail corridor and secure bike parking facilities at the three stations
  • bus and train connections will be well integrated
  • the use of public transport will be actively promoted.

How these rating systems work

Green Star and ISCA scores are calculated by using a number of categories relating to design, construction, communications, management and environment.

The emphasis is placed on understanding the multifaceted nature of sustainability in order to achieve best outcomes for both current and future generations over the lifetime of the railway.

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