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Mernda Rail Project Factsheet: Road and rail design solutions

24 May 2016

The State Government is extending the South Morang train line to Mernda to cater for significant population growth in Melbourne's north. Extensive community consultation, geotechnical investigations, environmental studies and other technical surveys were undertaken to help inform the design. The eight kilometre long extension of dual track will intersect five roads along the corridor, with grade separations ensuring no new level crossings will be created.

The Solutions

Grade Separation 1: McDonalds Road, South Morang

Rail under road 

The existing South Morang station was constructed below ground level. The new rail track extends from the existing rail lines and travels under McDonalds Road.

Grade Separation 2: Plenty Road/Gordons Road intersection, South Morang

Rail under road

Due to the existing topography, the rail will be constructed under the road.

The design and construction of the recently completed Plenty Road duplication allowed for a rail under crossing.

Grade Separation 3: Hawkstowe Parade, South Morang

Rail over road

From Hawkstowe Parade to Bridge Inn Road geotechnical surveys indicate there is hard basalt rock and shallow groundwater as major impediments for constructing the rail in a cutting.

Community feedback has highlighted the desire for the project to retain as much connectivity as possible along the rail corridor. A standard rail bridge over Hawkstowe Parade will provide greater permeability across the rail corridor compared to rail in a cutting. This design also minimises construction impacts such as noise, dust, vibration, truck movements and construction timeframe as extensive excavation and/or blasting through hard rock will not be required.

This design also minimises permanent changes to the Wilton Vale Creek alignment, local terrain and natural environment.

Grade Separation 4: The Parkway, South Morang

Rail over road

A bridge over Simon Creek, The Parkway and the Yan Yean pipe track is necessary due to the shallow ground water, hard basalt rock and to protect the existing natural environment. This design retains the existing walking and cycling paths along the Parkway and provide opportunity for wildlife to cross the rail corridor. Furthermore, the design protects the heritage listed Yan Yean pipe track.

A new walking and cycling path connection will be provided as part of the project improving access to the new Mernda South Primary School and Plenty Gorge Park.

Grade Separation 5: Bridge Inn Road, Mernda

Rail over road

The new premium station and transport hub will integrate with the future Mernda Town Centre.

Given future development in this area, a rail over solution provides greater cross corridor-connectivity and the flexibility to develop improved urban design outcomes. Furthermore, the ground conditions and shallow water table around of Bridge Inn Road supports a rail over solution.

This design also reduces impacts on existing natural waterways.

The space under the structures can be utilised to provide connectivity to the transport hub, train station and the proposed Mernda Town Centre and will provide protection from the weather.

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