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Mernda Rail Project Construction Update - May 2018

01 May 2018

The Mernda Rail Extension is running ahead of schedule, and the Victorian Government has announced that test trains will run to Mernda by the end of September 2018. In this Construction Update we take a look at the progress made to help us get ready for the first passenger trains to run.

Image: Excavation works for the Plenty Road rail underpass

Snapshot: February to April

Over the past few months we have:

  • installed the final concrete beams at McDonalds Road
  • installed final u-trough beams at The Parkway
  • excavated 25,500 cubic metres of rock from under Plenty Road rail underpass
  • completed drainage installation under Bridge Inn Road and the first stage of Bridge Inn Road widening works
  • installed the second entrance to Mernda Station
  • taken delivery of around 2000 tonnes of rail track and continued to install rail infrastructure.

Rail comes to Mernda

After excavating around 100,000 tonnes of basalt rock from the South Morang Station forecourt area and underneath McDonalds Road, our crews built the rail line out to Plenty Road so the rail delivery train could progressively deliver rail lengths further north. We now have approximately 80 rail workers hard at work installing track and rail infrastructure.

For all updates on changes in your local area relating to the Mernda Rail Extension Project, please visit Mernda Rail

Stations on the way

In recent months, construction of the three new stations – Mernda, Hawkstowe and Middle Gorge (formerly known by its working title of Marymede) – has ramped up. About 600 workers are working across the three station precincts and key elements of the station buildings, roof canopies and lift shafts are taking shape.

Middle Gorge station precinct

The new station, opposite Marymede Catholic College, is being built at ground level with parking for up to 550 cars to be accessed from Williamsons Road on the western side of the rail line.

Construction of the pedestrian underpass at the northern end of the station, which will connect both sides of the rail line, is well progressed.

Early structural steel works have started for the station buildings and the lift shaft steel frame is in place. Crews have commenced building fit-out and installation of the roof canopies.

Image: Artist's impression of Middle Gorge Station precinct

Hawkstowe station precinct

Construction of the elevated Hawkstowe Station is well underway with works commencing to install the unique roof canopies, measuring 60 metres in length. The station lift shafts have been installed, and work has commenced on the station building external walls and cladding.

Image: Artist's impression of Hawkstowe Station precinct

Mernda station precinct

The new landmark Mernda Station roof canopies are now fully installed, along with the new second entrance and pedestrian walkway over Bridge Inn Road. Work is now starting on the early stages of station buildings, along with the new car parks to the north and south of Bridge Inn Road.

Image: Looking west towards the new Mernda Station

Did you know?

The project will include 2,500 trees and 120,000 plants across the eight kilometre rail corridor. A unique landscaping strategy for each station precinct has been developed incorporating low growing plants (banksias, correas, grevilleas, kangaroo paws, coastal rosemary and lomandra) along with a mix of medium trees such as the tuckeroo tree and taller species like red spotted gums, angophoras (smooth barked apple), river red gums and Wallangarra white gums.

More than 75 per cent of the plants are currently being propagated and cared for in our specialist nurseries in readiness for planting towards the completion of the project. We have sourced our plants from Yarra View Nursery, which is a social enterprise providing employment

for people living with a disability. This work assisted in creating 11 new jobs - including 10 for people with disabilities – and helps ensure longer term job certainty for the existing Yarra View Nursery employees.

New community spaces

The Mernda Rail Extension is delivering three new community spaces beneath the elevated rail line immediately south of Mernda Station, immediately north of Hawkstowe Station, and at The Parkway, adjacent to Mernda Park Primary School.

Connected by the new shared user path, the community spaces will offer people of all ages places to play, exercise and relax.

More information can be found online at Mernda Rail.

Upcoming works

Over the coming months we will:

  • continue work on the platform roof at Hawkstowe and Middle Gorge stations
  • continue the roll out of rail infrastructure
  • complete construction of the Mernda stabling yard
  • start construction of the bus interchange at Mernda
  • complete excavation under Plenty Road
  • begin landscaping works along the project corridor, commencing with seeding the rail slopes in areas where earthworks are finished
  • upgrade Hawkstowe Parade/Plenty Road intersection
  • widen Bridge Inn Road and upgrade the Station Road and Schotters Road intersections.

Extension of project hours

As peak construction activity continues, we’ll be extending work hours in specific locations. We will provide advance notice of any temporary changes to work hours and thank you for your patience as we continue to construct the Mernda Rail Extension.

We’d love to meet you

The Mernda Rail info + jobs hub is open to the community five days a week at 323 McDonalds Road, Epping. You can visit between 9:00am and 5:00pm to meet with the project team, ask questions, see project progress photography and videos, and register your interest in receiving job alerts and project information.

We will also be out and about in the community at our regular community pop ups along the corridor and at Westfield Plenty Valley.

Station construction stages


The new station platforms are 160 metres in length and are formed by concrete beams, called hollow core planks. The hollow core is filled with concrete before asphalt and tactiles are laid on top.

Ground-level buildings

Following completion of the station platforms,all ground level buildings (such as waiting rooms or PSO offices) are built. Installation includes structural floor slab, plasterboard, joinery, walls, and external cladding and treatments.

Stairs and elevators

Stairs and lift shafts are premade off site, delivered and installed in sections. Both will be covered by the lower canopies.

Roof canopies

Each roof canopy is unique and reflects the traditional Australian homestead. The canopies are installed over steel frames. The larger, outer canopies cover the station exteriors.

Finishes and services

Final finishes, such as paving, asphalt, myki ticketing facilities, CCTV and lighting are completed in preparation for commissioning.


Landscaping works will commence as soon as the station buildings and surrounding construction works are complete.

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